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[ALIVE & AWAY] Albert Collins (CTC)

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Albert Collins (CTC)

General Information

Full Name: Albert William Collins

Date of Birth: 27/11/1982

Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom.

General Appearance: Usually wears a cap (black), very faint facial hair, small sideburns, civilian style clothes.

Pre-Outbreak Profession: Self-Employed Courier (Collins International).


Albert was born into an upper-class family on the 27ᵗʰ of November, 1982 in Belgravia, London. His family were a common community name. They owned a chain of local shops in the area and began expanding to warehouses afar. His upbringing was an easy one on him, he was home-schooled until fourteen. When he turned fourteen, he moved to a private school in the area. This is where his business ideas began.

Albert would always go to school with his pockets exploding with various sweets, fizzy drinks and chocolate bars. He would keep them hidden until break time, at which time he would get them out and sell them to the children that wanted them. As Albert grown older, he began to sell more things. CD's, DVD's and Video Games were the usual items that were being sold.

Albert began to get business ideas, of selling things. When he left school and went on to further education, he spent the majority of his time planning his business. Meanwhile, his family were very busy in their trade, they now owned high-street shops and warehouses across the UK. This would turn out to be very helpful to Albert in the future.

When he turned twenty-three he set up his own business which he called, Collins Enterprises. This business adventure never really lifted off and would eventually become a waste of time and money. However, a good thing that came out of this was a Mrs Collins. Albert met his future wife whilst selling shirts at a local store.

His next business adventure was slightly different, but not too different and he got around it pretty well. He renamed his business to Collins International - with hopes of going big. They offered a range of services such as pick-up and delivery to a small taxi service (usually ran by Albert for extra cash). His business was very booming at some points and in the UK he'd invested in many trucks to deliver and pick-up freight.

His business expanded into western Europe and became a success there too, although he was gaining a lot, his expenses more or less matched his gain. He ventured to Chernarus to meet a potential business partner who was interested in investing into his business his name was Yuri Kranshik. At first, Yuri seemed uneasy to invest and was frankly, rude to Albert. However, soon a very strong relationship blossomed.

The deal was successful and Krashnik was investing millions into CCS - Collins extended his stay in Chernarus, with hopes to buy a warehouse and use that as an eastern European base of operations.

Then the infection began...

Krashnik banded with a few other like minded individuals to form the CTC. Albert, having no other choice joined the CTC and this is where he is now. Part of The Chernarus Trading Coalition. For many months, Albert was in hiding in the small towns scattered throughout Chernarus. He had no practical survival skills and was rather weak.

The months ticked into years, now Albert is a hardened survivor, able to live off the land. Although he prefers to find peaceful solutions to things, he's not afraid of firing a weapon. He has recently been on hiatus from the rest of the CTC as they were split after a Council Invasion spread split him from the rest of the group. Now, he returns. With hope of helping his friends with the Trade Post.

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Great character Mush!

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Great character Mush!

Thanks for some feedback! :)

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