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The Devil and His Diary. Bobby 'Bill' Rice

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First Story I've ever wrote. (ever!)

I'm not the best writer in the world and I expect numerous grammatical errors (I never went to school!) but I will be continuing these even if you hate them! - All criticism is welcome.

The First Story is my whitelist story (modified)

Every single story after landing in Chernarus are based on real events and have been exaggerated/had drama injected for the purposes of this! ALL CHARACTERS ARE BASED ON REAL PLAYERS AND EVENTS!

Titles/Small explanation for upcoming stories.

Day 0 & Before. - Before The Outbreak (Skip to Day 1 for 'real' stories)

Day 1 - Meeting the Boss whilst being a Baws. - My first encounter with Nika & the S.K.A.

Day 2 - Victor Cruz, you saved the Devil. - Meeting Victor and finding my right hand man.

Day 3 - Why'd you do it, girls? - The first kill that we regretted, but not the last.

Day 4 - Doctor, Doctor. - Drugs, insanity and a false execution.

Day 5 - A Group United. - We have our group and the taste of power.

Day 6 - Separating The Men From The Boys - Enforcing my authority on the group and our first proper group firefight.

Dozens of others to come, leading up to current events.

It's been years since I even contemplated writing my story into this broken book and yet here I am. I don't know who will read this garbage and I don't know if anybody cares. Fuck it, let's start at the beginning, I've got nothing better to do with the half the fucking world hunting me, all I can do right now is hide and listen to the screams of those I've taken from this world in every shutting of my eyelids, or I can distract myself with writing a lovely story of my past, fantastic.

My names Bobby Rice, i'm known by my infamous glasses and beautiful camo cowboy hat alongside the terror I've brought upon Chernarus. I will be taking you through the history of all my evil deeds and potentially why I did them, not that I have reasons for all of them! Haha. I've come a long way since being washed up on the shores of Chernarus and for better or for worse, I'm proud of who I have become.

Before The Outbreak (Skip to 'Day 1' for the real stories)

It all started back in Sweden, I was a working Taxidermist for a small family that lived many miles from Pitea, they had their own small house in the forest that they built from the ground up, I met them whilst I was travelling the beautiful country, something I used to do when I was younger and I decided I would visit them again after returning home, years later after consistant visits I decided to live with them for a while, eventually they became my family and I had found my new home, I adored them and I adored my new perfect life. Years with these people taught me several things, we would regularly hunt for animals, skin them and cook em', we'd sometimes set nets and claim the ocean as our own, we were truly surviving independently and were secluded from all of the modern world. I learned how to shoot, build and survive, the husband was an older gentleman, probably in his 70s at this point but he could definitely out run me, he was probably even stronger than me. Years of the same fly by, day after day, we know our routine and we keep to it, eventually and sadly the magnificent husband got too arrogant whilst trying to show off his boat skills, he fell overboard and smashed his skull in against the side of the boat. I remember thinking to myself - he's dead and there's nothing I can do, meh, fuck you brain - I dived into the ocean and near damn killed myself trying to bring that heavy built bastard to the surface, all to realize that he was fucked up anyway and wasn't going to be smoking his special fish again. No need for a dramatic explanation as to how the wife died, her heart stopped a few days after realizing her husband was gone.

So here I was, I had the whole place to myself and had technically inherited a small gem of a fortune. It's amazing you know, I always hated people in a sick way, I hated the way their morals were wrong and they put value into such fucked up things... The world is beautiful and so many people cry over broken Iphones and general tit tat of the modern world, crying over such pathetic bullshit...But god damn, I miss my coffee machine... Anyway, people are fucked up and I avoided them, and here I was in my own secluded paradise - it was heaven! I couldn't believe and truly appreciate what I had, but god damn I tried... But you all know where this is going, we're all eating beans out of fucking cans now!! Ha! I spent pretty much every day doing the same thing, I'd wake up and make coffee, feed the powerful hunting dogs, drink it down and smoke a well needed cigarette, check the nets out in the sea and check to see what food supplies I had left before deciding if I needed to go hunting again. I did this for years and it wasn't a problem, I absolutely adored the lifestyle and had never been happier.

One of those days came again, I needed to go hunting and I geared up accordingly. Ate some nice grub and fed the dogs before heading out, just another normal day. I remember this next bit really well, it was the first bit of adrenalin I'd had in a dozen years! I saw a Venison through the clearing, stood there all beautiful and delicious - thank the food gods for delivering this to me, and so I move in to kill or injure the fucker, as I approach the Venison it runs off, I know for a fact that I didn't startle it and the dogs are trained to perfection. I walk out into the clearing and I see a poor sobbing woman kneeling over what appears to be her husband. I approach the woman and calmy speak to her asking what the hell has happened, she immediately turns and lunges towards me, she's covered in blood and has flesh hanging out of her mouth! (This was the adrenalin bit!) I absolutely freak out, running out of the clearing through the trees and almost immediately I escape whatever the fuck that was, but I'm human, twisted and definitely curious, I don't even hesitate about turning around and finding out what the fuck it was. I retrace my steps and approach the crazed bitch, asking what the fuck is wrong with her, she continues to stumble towards me revealing a bear trap has devoured her leg, after numerous attempts to make contact I realize that the bitch isn't going to stop, I stand my ground insisting she stops and eventually it leads to the same upshot as always, she's dead and I'm alive... Where have the dogs gone? cowards.

Gotta admit that I was pretty shaken up by the events of late and I need answers, I need to know what the fuck it was and why that crazed, psychotic bitch was eating on the flesh of that poor soul! I load up the Tractor and I head towards the nearest town to investigate and collect the local news, see if anything fucked up has happened. Didn't take me long to realize that the whole fucking world had gone to flames after seeing the devastation of the city, just driving in there I had hundreds of Zeds chasing after my Tractor, they just can't resist the sound. At the time I was terrified and genuinely distraught, but fuck it now. I headed back my place thinking I'd be fine if I just locked my doors and pretended everything was fine - I was far out from any of civilization afterall, my beautiful, secluded paradise was now a safe haven too. Didn't take long to realize they'd walked for days in the direction they chased me and eventually they were here at my front door, and in larger numbers. I was asleep at the time and I was fucking terrified when I heard them all approaching. I panicked but I knew what I had to do, I had to escape and the only place I could go which would give me time to think was the ocean. I grabbed everything of value after throwing on my signature hunting clothing and I ran for the boat house, my two loved hunting dogs besides me and I grabbed fuel, nets and other 'useful' crap before diving into my boat and sailing off into whatever direction was clear of those fucks. I don't know how long I was at sea, I was so terrified that I didn't want to ever set foot on land again, I had a shit load of fuel, food went down pretty quick after I ate my two dogs (loved those fuckers) but I still had plenty of water, and fish! Must'a been weeks before I ran out of fuel and had to swim ashore. Fucked up emotionally and still not sure what the hell was happening, I had arrived! My new homeland!

Day 1 - Meeting the Boss whilst being a Baws.

Spent weeks doing fuck all apart from surviving and understanding how best to make this reality normality, until I met an Australian guy. He was an incredible chap, I thought that guy was great with his blue eyes and stupid small beany hat with stripes. We decided we'd hit up a military loot spawn and that the North East Airfield would be an ideal spot to look for anything to scavenge, so off we headed! Along the way we got lucky as hell, we found a working 2 seater truck, a bit rusty but it was blue, my favourite colour, we knew it would be the salvation to our sanity. I was most certainly wrong, this was the start and end of everything.

We drove on up towards the North East Airfield that was glimmering in the Sun and after scavenging for a while I found my first beautiful explosive, it fit inside the gun I found too. After hours of scavenging and fighting off the hordes of flesh eating Zeds, we decided we'd leave the Airfield and so continued to pack up and put everything extra inside the car when all of a sudden two fuckers jumped us. They sounded nervous and it gave both the Aussy & I a superiority complex I imagine, hiding behind their masks and afraid to speak. They told us to drop everything or else they'd blow the shit out of us. After shit loads of debate I managed to convince them that leaving me with my backpack was the only humane thing they could do and stupidly they agreed but were clearly bitter about it. I think they only did it because they didn't want to shoot us and I wouldn't stop being such a stubborn bastard. They insulted and spat on us before getting in our loaded up vehicle and driving off, my Australian friend quietly muttered the words.

'It's a shame to lose such a nice vehicle' before I pulled the weapon out of my backpack, loaded it with a grenade and fired that sucker downhill, hurdling towards the vehicle - boom, direct hit.

I replied to his comment and said 'It isn't a nice vehicle anymore.' I watched as the grenade flew through the air, almost in slowmotion'esk beauty, seeing it collide with the van, exploding and disrupting the laughter between the two bafoons inside. I watched as the doors flew open and two men dived out whilst burning alive, before the car exploded into a thousand pieces, it was a sight of beauty. That was that, I'd found my love of explosives and in the future I found myself addicted to these things, HAHA!

I felt nothing when I pulled the trigger. I felt pleasure when I saw the aftermath.

We checked over the bodies that were still smoking and pulsating with heat until we were distracted from the mangled corpses by two shining, red vans that were driving towards us, we took cover inside the barracks and awaited whatever vengeance was coming our way, thinking they were related to the recently deceased. Whilst hiding underneath the beds we heard an angelic, Russian voice utter 'Heelllooooo, we see yooou.'

Immediately I responded 'Fuck you, I've got grenades and nobody is getting out alive if you wanna take it that route!'

She laughed and told me that she wasn't hostile and they were only interested in discussing politics. I got off my belly and cautiously left the building, holding my grenade close and making sure no funny business was going to happen. I was amazed by her petite figure that was complimented by the angelic voice that I assumed would be my end, her dark green eyes, smart ponytail beneathe a perfectly adjusted red beret. I knew that her appearance was not related to this situation, it was a clear thing that she was in charge of something incredible, despite that, she was definitely a thing of beauty. We talked for hours about Communism and they were all impressed with the knowledge I had and especially with the audacity of threatening them with grenades. She gave us both a Weapons License which gave us the ability to carry firearms of a Military Grade standard, plenty of beans and pepsi and then told us that we'd be speaking again soon regarding something of importance. I was happy how the situation went over, I looked forward to speaking with her again immensely. They drove away into the sunset as the Aussy and myself were in complete shock and amazement, they gave us an incredible feeling of organization and power, we didn't think those kind of things existed in this new world that seemed bleak and cold.

edit 2,6,9,11+det

Wow, mate! What an impressive bunch'a people, I thought we were going to be killed!.. I didn't have time to talk about it earlier, but were you sure that killing those guys was worth what they took from us? It was only a bunch of junk we found, afterall.

They didn't know we only had junk, they were going to murder us for that junk. We haven't got time to talk about this, this clearly isn't a place to be idle. We have to move south to the Settlement the Russians were muttering about. Let's move, now.

We headed away from the Airfield as the sun was setting over the tall pine trees, and we clearly wanted a place to stay that wasn't so open and vulnerable to the Zeds, and even the murderers out there. Walking through the forest at night has always brought me comfort, it's the equivalent to receiving a giant hug from the Earth, secluded, claustrophobic, almost like you are powerless to the massive force of nature around you, all of our senses as human beings are nullified and we have no option but to give in and endure... Anyway, we approached a small water source, Black Lake, and decided to light a fire, I used a plastic bottle to boil my water to ensure we didn't drink any nasty bacteria and not to waste the soda the angel lady gave us, then we sat down and let the adrenalin of the last few hours calm and dissipate.

B:.. What's your name, Aussy? My name is Bobby Rice.

N: Ha! We never asked each others name? I suppose we were pre-occupied, ey? My name is Nigel.

B: Beautiful. Nice to meet you Nigel, what do you think the camp will be like? I don't expect it will work as a concept, people are free now... They don't want rules or constraint, only the weak and those that are afraid require rules and laws.

N: I don't think that's what the camps are there for... Some people don't want to go through all of this alone, that's why we're teaming up too, right?

B: I suppose. I like you, Nigel, we can make this work. We should continue.

N: Alright, Rice, let's get going.

Hours and hours of navigating through the precious forest we came across a small town, Khelm. Khelm is a place of very little interest for most people, very few buildings that can be inhabited, very little ground of any value, it's a small shit hole and it's where I go now, when I'm feeling down... It calms me. We decided to check the ruins of buildings for anything we could scavenge and we were interrupted by a man wielding a hatchet, a long beard and husk voice. He said that he was lost and wondered if we could help him use his map. I was happy to meet another soul and walked over slowly to lean in, glaring at his map, pointing at numerous places in correspondence to where we were and how to properly use your compass and keep track of your progress. He thanked me for the help, leaned in and whispered in to my ear.

'I think you should both drop all your shit, we're not going to kill you... Just hurt you a little, my friends are in the South treeline, the East treeline and the North treeline, 40degrees North, to be precise...' He grinned and he pointed at his compass as if he was taking the piss.

Zero chance. Torture? What the fuck. I'm not having this happen again, and I imagine that I'm about to get Nigel killed, but how can I agree to let him be tortured? I really shouldn't be putting his life in my hands with zero consent, ha... It's ironic that I worried about that kind of thing, considering how many lives I've took and tortured. I stared towards Nigel and he was happily scavenging away, mimicking as if he was whistling. I shot the guy in the leg, perhaps the most merciful thing I've ever done, just so that he couldn't chase us with that hatchet and hack us to pieces. I yelled over to Nigel and warned him to run, to follow me. We both ran through the ruins of the small town and tried to meet up at a center point so we could escape together, and just as I thought I was a genius for calling such a stupid fucking bluff, I hear gunfire raining in on the small town. I couldn't hear anything else, I couldn't even hear myself scream for Nigel and I had no choice - I had to simply escape and run, I didn't look back and I didn't forget Nigel. I don't know what happened to him, it would be ignorant to simply place him as dead in my mind...

Accepting he was tortured sent shivers down my spine... I convinced myself that he was dead from a gunshot, as opposed to being caught and having that 'hurt' inflicted on him.

That's the reason I never went back. .. That's the reason he died to a gunshot. That's the reason why I cried.


Victor Cruz, you saved the Devil.

Devil? Atleast i'm always honest. I slept in some grubby apartment that stank of rotting flesh in Berenzino and I didn't manage to get a good nights sleep, I was still extremely foggy in the head and I was aching all over, I couldn't quite accept what happened the prior night and truly struggled to piece it together in my mind, I was completely disorientated to what reality was. The sun was bright, I had enough food, drinks & I felt relatively safe, I was lacking medical supplies and I decided to make my way towards the Hospital and see what I could scavenge, upon smashing the glass and amazingly drawing no attention to myself I found only a few damp bandages and a stick of morphine. I spent most of that day relaxing and pretending the outside world was nothing but a fiction of my imagination, I hate admitting to the fear it stirred inside of me and the power the evil people of the world had. I found plenty of books inside my precious apartment and I studied them closely, intensely drifting away from reality. It's funny how secure I felt, with the bed fit for a child, the smashed windows and the unlockable door which gave me some psychological safety even when it was shut but openable with the slightest push. The hours drifted by with absolutely nothing significant happening, just myself and my mind trying to stay sane and ignore recent events, I headed up onto the roof of the Apartments, climbing the ladders and enjoying the breeze as I submerged into a view of beauty, trees in the distance, the ocean glowing with the sun and the strong buildings standing firm and graceful. I lay out on the roof, letting the sun warm my skin and I drift into a much needed bit of extra sleep, awaking to the moon shining down and lighting the darkness, I immediately realize that i'm not alone and a flesh eating lunatic is downstairs in my apartment. I raise my weapon down the hatch and pull the trigger, making the fuckers head explode and almost instantly I realize what I had just done.

Zeds come flooding inside my apartment from every single direction, they don't know it but I am indeed going to be their next meal, I have zero way out and the only logical option appears to be diving off the roof and hoping my legs don't snap into a thousand pieces. I know that isn't the way out, even if it seems more appealing than being eaten, so I grab my assault rifle and begin opening fire, spraying several bursts down the staircase which leads up to the ladder that would bring me to my demise. I take out dozens, one after another they keep stumbling up the staircase and being blown away by the barrage of gunfire in their direction, I don't give up either' I keep firing and I keep enjoying seeing them explode. I quickly come to terms that I don't have unlimited ammo and I place my assault rifle to the side, I walk over to the edge of the rooftop, take out my Pistol and I wait. There's zero chance I'd ever contemplate jumping and so I realize that my only way out of this is to shoot myself square in the head, that too seems like a ridiculous way out. It happens, they reach the ladders and they slowly begin climbing up towards me, I try to make my shots count as my Pistol only has about 7 shots left in it, but it's just no good, there is no way i'm taking em all out.

I'm out of bullets, what the fuck can I do? Two of the fuckers get upstairs and begin stumbling towards me, I run around in circles trying to avoid them just so I can create a plan in my head, an escape must exist... I can't die here, this is my story and I am too important to die here! I kick one of the fuckers off the roof and he goes hurdling towards the ground, he didn't even stop! I saw him twitch and crawl back towards the doorway. The other fucker dives on top of me, I fall to the ground and I use every piece of strength I have to keep him from eating me alive.

Amigo! Are you okay up there?! Is anyone else inside?! Boys, boys, get inside! Save him!


Thousands of bullets begin raining against the apartment building, absolutely every single thing on the inside is wiped out in a drastic fashion. I hope nobody else was hiding in one of the other floors to the apartment, but I wasn't exactly in the position to discuss the chances of that with the guys downstairs. They immediately begin entering the building, shooting out the zeds that aren't quite dead and stomping their skulls into the ground. Meanwhile, I'm still upstairs trying to keep this crazed fuck from eating me alive, one of the Mexican sounding mans grunts climbs the ladders and pulls the fucker off me, the transition is traumatic. As he grabs the zed from me, it swings around and focuses all of its attention on the grunt, the weight transfer is apparent and the guy can't keep his balance, he tumbles backwards whilst holding onto the fucked up biter and the biter lunges further towards him, they both fly off of the building and a large thud makes it obvious that neither are getting back up.

[V] My name is Victor Cruz, and who may you be?

Bobby Rice. I can't thank you enough for this... I will repay you.

[V] I think you should worry about repaying that poor guys family first, look! The bitey biter is eating him!

We both stare down and witness the zombie still 'alive' and kicking, after they fell down it twitched itself back to life and then enjoyed what it had been struggling to get for so long, it was eating the grunt and clearly quite content with what it had accomplished. Victor takes me to the settlement nearby, even though I insist that it was a bad idea, he reassures me that although it has it's problems, it is in place and working, it's where all the survivors spend their night times to remain safe. We arrive at the camp and are immediately approached by guards on duty, they ask us for ID and Victor spoke with them, telling that it wasn't necessary and that I was with him, they both nod their heads and allow us entry. It was a fascinating little encampment, one that I spent a lot of time using as a constant fresh supply of gear in the future - poor sods. Located by the coast, a small settlement with concrete walls all around, searchlights situated on guard towers with long walkways, it was definitely secure at first glance, but it had so many flaws as I and others made apparent in the future.

I spoke with various people at the camp known as 'Diesel' about life and the way things are now, all I kept hearing from everybody was 'death' this and 'death' that, the reality of today seems to just involve death, that's it. I came quickly to the conclusion that I had to stop caring so much about the lives of people, I had to stop putting so much emotion into people being removed from my life... if I wanted to survive. I spoke with them about the Russian Lady I met the day before, the one with the perfect appearance, and they all agreed that it was Nika, of the S.K.A. I didn't quite care for most of what they said, most of it being bad and most of it explaining what they were about, the thing that caught my attention was that people were extremely afraid of them, they mentioned how they had power and practically controlled the lands around us. It made me ponder about meeting her again and the potential it could bring for me. Victor and I sat around the campfire and decided we would head out in the morning, together, to find a vehicle and explore these lands before falling asleep with the comforting walls of Diesel to protect us.

I learned one thing from that day... Survive, at any cost.

I struggle to remember if that grunt lost his balance, or if I pushed them both off. Either way... I survived.

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so much feels

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Ahhh the devil finally is letting his tongue slip... I am going to keep reading this until the far end of time bobby... Let many more stories unfold ;)

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Great stuff. More please.

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Thank you so much... I appreciate feedback of every kind as I will be writing these for a long time and would like to learn & adapt according to feedback! I cannot wait to write about the times I've had with the SKA, my insanity, The Watchers & numerous others. I've been through a lot of incredible shit ingame, perhaps I was just lucky! Emotions to come.

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Day 2 up. Haven't had time to put too much effort into it, but there it is. cheers.

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Nice story Upshot. Good diary based on events in-game.

Very minor grammar issues but it's an excellent read and we can see you are comfortable in your writing style.

Look forward to the next addition that might be based on more recent events.

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I would absolutely love to skip forward and do recent events! Ha ha, but there's a few real gems I want to write about. I quite literally didn't spend a single day in school and as a result my grammar suffers - mainly because I type at 170 words per minute and I write everything before I've even really thought about it!

cheers for the comment.

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