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Biography of GregBaxton

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Greg Baxton was a normal 16 year old boy, who was actually quite troubled as a teenager. He didn't have many friends and his mother was very sick and close to death while his father never paid attention to him. During his unguided teenage life, Greg began to do petty crimes and became a legitimate trouble maker. Usually, he would sneak out at night and steal stuff from peoples cars and then spend the night at a friends house. He was usually at his friends rather than his own house. One specific day changed Greg's life forever. A mysterious virus had created terror and panic across all of Chernarus. People were dying and getting killed by sick individuals that used to be normal until this virus ate at their brain, turning them into a crazed zombie. All of Greg's loved ones, including his own family were killed. Greg was never close to his family but their deaths affected him more than he thought. After being put into quarantine, and witnessing lots of deaths, Greg was broken. Most people he saw die were his friends and this caused his emotional state to become very unstable. Eventually, the citizens revolted against the military and during the commotion Greg escaped and is reunited with his best friend. After camping out in an old building for 5 days, Greg reached his limit. The water has run dry and food is off the shelves and the military has left us for dead. The stress and fear overwhelms Greg and he runs away without thinking. Later, his friends rescue him from his unstable state but Greg promises his group that he will go out and find supplies to survive as long as his friends are alive. Greg loved his friends more than family so as long as they were alive, there was hope. Since the land of Chernarus was so big, Greg got lost and hasn't been seen since. People say he died. Others say that you can still see him looking for food and supplies. Legend says you can hear him crying when walking on the train tracks.

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