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Blurred Lines.

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"The line between good and evil is permeable and almost anyone can be induced to cross it when pressured by situational forces."

~Philip Zimbardo

[align=justify] This stupid radio. I swear to God when I find that guy who took my radio I will kill him, no questions asked. I don't care if it was just a radio, it was MY radio. Not his. If he didn't have that pistol to my head I would have shot him right there.

*As John follows the footprints in the mud he thinks he hears the sound of a man weeping, but he can not be sure because the rain is getting heavier and heavier by the minute.*

That is a guy crying!? Why would a man be crying? Why now? You know what... bet it's that scumbag who stole my Radio.

*When John gets closer to the sound he see's a man under a make-shift tent clutching a radio very tightly and rocking back and forth.*

There he is! That little bastard thought he could just steal from me and get away with it? Well not today!

*John started to lift his AK-74 up to his shoulders to aim at the man, but when he did that, the man started to speak into the radio.*

"Brother, b-b-brother? Are you there? Plehhheas, answer me!"

*The man starts rocking back and forth under the tent and is now uncontrollably crying. You can hear small shouts of anger escape his lips as he is consumed by grief.*

*John is taken back by what he hears and his blood runs cold.*

He could have just asked! What is wrong with asking! I could have even helped him find his brother!

*John starts tense up and a lump forms in his throat. John remembers back to the days when he and his brother used to play on their back porch until the suns last glimpse of light left the sky. He also remembers the look in his brothers eyes as he had to put a knife into his head*

No, He is gone. Nothing i can do about h-him. He should not have went out at night anyway...

*All of Johns thoughts about his brother escape his mind as he saw a man in a gas mask sneak up on the man under the tent, the gas mask man had his knife drawn.*

No! You will not kill that man! He is just a confused guy that is trying to cope with a loss!

*John lifts the Ak-74 to his shoulder once more and fires three bullets straight into the gas mask lens, killing the man instantly*

*The grief stricken man hops up in a panic and grabs his gun right away. The man doesn't notice the his attacker behind him. All the man sees is John and his AK pointed right at him.*

"Sir Please, Lower your weapon! I just saved your li..."

*John tried shouting over to the man but at that moment the man unloads on John. Not aiming, not trying, just shooting. The man shouts as he is squeezing the trigger, letting all of his anger and grief escape through the tip of his gun.*

*Multiple bullets enter Johns body as he falls to the ground, blood filling his mouth*

*As the world goes dark around John you can hear a mumble of words come from his mouth.*

"Please, I was only trying to help..."

~~Part 1 of ?~~

//Hope you enjoyed that guys! First RP story :P I am trying to take my character away form being all big and bad and giving him some flaws and problems he has to deal with. This story kind of hit right in the Feels :P Constructive Criticism welcomed!!

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I liked it but whats up with the title?

Because he knows you want (to read) it.

Me being terrible aside, it's actually a cool story. One would think he would say something like "behind you!" or "watch out!" before shooting though.

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Owwww thst was a good read..... Takes the bullet first read is always a seller... Love the format to.

Please more!!!

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That was really well written. Thanks.

I would read a whole book of this.


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I liked it but whats up with the title?

Kind of like John was about to shot a some-what innocent man. Making him the bandit. I actual run into that problem in-game as to shot a bandit robbing someone or leave it because I never know the full story :P

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Man if this wasn't an RP section, i would post the shit out of Robin Thicke. Anyways, i enjoyed the read!

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That was pretty sweet. People and their damned jumping-to-conclusions-ness.

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