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Day 0-

Wind whistled through the window cracks. The sun was just now rising, peaking through the glass, shining in my face. Pulling my arms out from under the covers, I reached up to my eyelids to give them a gentle rub. Looking to my left, Claire was still sound asleep. I leaned over, grinning, before placing a gentle kiss upon her right cheek.

She awoke at the sudden kiss. Looking up into my eyes, she laid her hand softly onto my left cheek before meeting her lips with mine. We both laid there, smiling deeply into one and another. "I'm going to miss you while you're gone." She said. Almost blushing, I replied. "Don't worry. Before you know it, I'll be back. Take good care of our baby boy."

Exiting the bed, I went to get dress in my work clothes. I was to be leaving the United States for a few weeks to seal a trade in Moscow, Russia. As I got dressed, I went downstairs to make some coffee. The strong smell slithered through my nostrils, awakening me even more. As my coffee was preparing, I walked silently into my son's room. Opening the door, careful not to wake him up, I saw as my three month old baby boy was sound asleep inside his crib. Grinning once more, I proceeded to walk to his crib, laying my left hand gently on his forehead before giving him a kiss. The pain of leaving my family for a few weeks was unbearable. Bad thoughts raced through my head as I thought about the dangers: Robbers breaking into the house, Murderers roam the streets, or terrorist blow up a building. But, I shook my head, filtering out the bad thoughts, and went to get my coffee.

Getting to the airport, I loaded my things into the cargo area of the plane, and took my seat at A2. As I got there, someone was already in the seat next to me with their headphones on listening to music. I took my seat, trying not to disturb the person. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out my iPhone and headphones, putting the buds of the headphones into my ears, I listened to a soft, bliss, sound.

I awoke to the shake of the plane. Pulling out my ear buds, I looked around as people had a horrified look on their face. The speaker came on through intercom. "BRACE YOURSELF FOR LANDING." They said. I quickly ducked my head forward, placing my hands just over the back of my neck. Panting, I quickly ran the words through my mind. "I love you Claire." Before a loud "BOOM!" Was heard, and after that only darkness.

Tell me what you think guys. If I get a good response, I'll keep making these! :D

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Day 1-

The bliss sound played through my head. I could see the images of Claire with my son in her arms. They looked...sad. Claire had beads of tears rolling down her face, while my son laid silent in her arms. The sight made me feel emotional, making me want to cry...But, I couldn't. Something was holding me back from producing such emotions...Was I alive? The thought of me being dead and had left my family alone was horrifying. The music began to fade away, almost as if I was passing. I wanted to live, I couldn't die now! I wasn't just going to give up, and make my wife a widow and my son be fatherless.

As the music was almost gone, a loud booming sound was heard. I panicked, opening my eyes. Panting heavily, I looked around. The plane I was on had crashed on the shore. Dead bodies littered the area, with flies hovering over them. I started shaking, my whole body was in pain. Blood dripped from right shoulder, forming a small pool of blood underneath me. Darkness consumed my head again...I passed out. A cold, long silence awaited me.

A sound creeped into my ears, almost as if someone was whispering something to me. I cracked my eyes open, my vision blurred. Moving my left hand, I grabbed at the sand underneath me. Someone shouted "We got a live one, here!" And rushed over. I turned my head just even to catch a glimpse of the figure. He was wearing a black vest, blue and white checkered clothing, and a tan hat. I laid my head onto the cold, hard sand, knowing that someone was coming to help.

The figure kneeled over me, looking my wounds. Looking me in the eyes, he gently slapped me on my cheek. "Wake up, pal. You need to stay awake." Groaning, I gave him the best nod I could. Reaching into his pack, he pulled out a bundle of bandages, bandaging my shoulder up. When he finished, he spoke to me. "We need to get you moving to the Outpost." Working hard to keep my eyes at stay, he reached over to my left arm, and started to pull me up. Placing my arm over his shoulders, he walked me to what looked to be a military-grade vehicle. He set me down in the back, and drove off towards the city in the distance.

I blacked out once more inside the car. The cold steel chilled my spine as I laid there in the back of the car. I felt the car come to a stop, and the engine halt. Opening my eyes, I looked out the back. The driver before honked once, and yelled out a command. Three or so more men came out and helped unload me from the car. They took me inside, and laid me down by a fire. The one who found me was giving out commands. "You, go on top of the roof and be over watch our position. You, go grab a can of beans and some water for this survivor. You, go to the front of the building and guard the entrance from zombies." Confused, I thought in my head "Did he just say...zombies?"

The man came over to me, and sat down. "You were the only survivor..." He said. "What happened?" I asked. "Your plane...A shot rang out from the mountains...Sounded like a high powered rifle...What ever it was, it hit the jet engine of your plane, and caused it to crash. The Outpost Rangers loaded up, and went to search the plane crash for any survivors...We only found you." I stared deeply into the fire. Saddened that I was the only one to survivor, but greatful that this man next to me had saved me. "Thanks." I said. "For what?" He replied. "Saving a strangers life." He looked at me, then the fire. "It's what we do. We help people...The name is Tom by the way." I nodded at him, extending my left hand. "Robby." I replied. Tom nodded, before shouting at one of his men. "Take the car, and head to the EMS base. Tell them we have a plane crash survivor here!"

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