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Outlaws - Short member backstories

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//So some of you might have seen the Outlaw-clan page with a lot of short backstories (1-4 paragraphs) for each member. As we are making new roles and adding more members to our group, I'm making some space in the clan-thread and removing them. That's why I thought I'd post these short stories here, if anyone would like to have a look. There will be a link to this post in our clan-thread.


Travis Baker/Bubbles

Hey, the name’s Travis Baker, in my late 20’s, born and raised in Chicago. It all started back in 2003. I was 19, a famous strategist in online video-games, and my social-life was going in the right direction. I was always working out new strategies on how to successfully beat my opponents online, and they worked – as long as it didn't involve me lying to anyone. I'm a terrible liar. Well, moving on. I saw an opportunity in my strategic tactics and figured out how to take advantage of it in real-life. I would gather a small crew of 3-5 "friends" in need of some quick cash, and hit most appropriate store or gas station. After the successful hit, we’d share the money with a huge smile on our faces. A few years later, I met our boss.


George Bowman/Geoa

Hello, I’m the groups Recon expert, this mainly consists of me staying far away and hidden and shooting the bad guys. As fun as it is getting a new top range for kills, In reality I enjoy the role as I’m the least likely to get shot at and I can sneak a drink when nobody’s looking. Yes, I’m the groups raging alcoholic and I’m Scottish, but I swear they aren’t linked. Anyway, how did I find myself to be grouped up with these guys?

Well, when I was a wee lad my father and I would always hunt. We spent days , which turned into weeks once my mother died, in the forests at a time waiting for the perfect moment to snatch a kill, the animals we killed always tasted better than those we bought. However, one time when we were out my hunting we decided to move camp to a new position which was across a waterfall. This is where my dad met the cold hands of death, he decided to cross under it first as he usually does to ensure it was safe for me. Although this wasn’t the case, he slipped and fell. I screamed, I carefully made my way the side of the waterfall and searched for hours for him, but as I feared he was probably dragged away in the rapids. After nearly dying from exhaustion, I gave in. I rest for the night and had wished it was all a dream.

I woke up in the morning, my eyes almost stuck close from my tears and I ran. I escaped the forest and phoned in about my father’s death, but after three days of searching for him the searches turned up empty. As I was 17, I was able to take care of myself. Although I fell into something I knew my dad would down on me for, crime. First I had started with petty scaremongering, using what my dad taught me about rifles to put fear into people by shooting out their windows and what not. Petty crimes were too boring though, I knew my skills could have been put to something more useful. I had a ‘friend’ who was a drug dealer, I told him what I could do and what I was prepared to do and what do you know.

Within a few hours I received a call, a stranger was on the other end and wanted someone who worked for him dead, he gave me the location of his favourite pub and I was on my way. 12:30 AM that night was when I killed my first human. 12:45 AM was when I got the money for killing my first human, the money was placed under a bin in the local park no less. I had a few more targets from this guy and on my to the 7th kill I was going to have, a car pulled up on the street next to me, threw me in and a mysterious voice said. “I have a better job for you.” So yeah, that’s how I came to meet these guys, a bit grim I know bu- Hey guys, I’m outta beer!


Alfred Fish/Murdercool

Hello, I'm Alfred Fish. The Outlaws were the only people who accepted me. They accepted me for who I really am. People call me "Sick", "Twisted". Maybe I am, maybe I do eat people. I'm.. I'm recovering though. I get the odd urge to feast on some human flesh, at least I don't eat that zombie meat anymore..

I haven't always been like this, I used to live in England. To be precise I lived in Norwich. I was a normal guy, we a normal job. I was an engineer. I got a contract here in Chernarus, did a bit of work and things went to fucking hell. I ended up working as a medic in a military group called Enclave. I quickly learned how to use some basic weaponry, I used mainly my skills with engineering to help them out. My father being in the SAS I thought it would be good to follow my father's occupation.

One day we were out on patrol when we were fired at by a group of bandits. The whole group split up and ran in different directions. I ran towards the forest, a forest I hardly knew my way around. I became lost, it was soon to become night. I had nothing to drink, I only had a blood bag in my backpack. I had no choice, I started to drink the blood. It was.. So good.. I was then later found by a couple of Fox members who took me to safety. I borrowed their radio and the Enclave came and picked me up.

I don't know what happened, but I felt these urges to drink blood. Could I control them? No I damn well couldn't. My sergeant started to notice me drinking this blood bags. I didn't know they knew, they discussed something in a meeting or some crap like that. We drove deep into the woods, they sedated me and left me with nothing in the middle of the forest. I had been walking for an hour or two. I hadn't eaten in days, I was hungry. I could make out a man and a women, the man was having a piss and the women she was looking in a backpack. I knew I had to try get food from them. I crept up behind the women and took a knife which was placed on the floor. I placed it to her throat as the man turned around reaching for his pistol. I slit open the women's throat, then lunging for the man and stabbed in multiple times in the chest. They had no food.. I knew then, there was only way for me to survive.. Eat.


Lee Anson/Grim

Hey, the names Lee Anson. I was born in the UK and at the age of 16 I found the love of my life... explosives. Now this was no normal thing as I would find things to fix just to blow them up which was rather odd as I would spend weeks or months fixing things just to blow them up, what made this worse is well... I am very forgetful as in I once forgot that I light an explosive and almost killed myself and it makes it kinda hard to fix things as I forget what goes where and what does what. I studied programming on the side, and I home-schooled myself after my studies. I teamed up with the rest of the group through some connections I made online, and eventually we got stuck in this shithole of a country. Even though I'm quite forgetful, I'm the groups go-to-guy when it comes to explosives, sabotage or computer systems.

The Muscle:

John Murdoch/Gritteh

I'm angry. I've always been angry - I've had to be. Where I grew up, the only smile you got is an evil smile from a guy that wants to cut your throat out. From what I could see, everyone in the world was angry. Apparently London was the city of dreams, pah, not where I lived, not my London.

Crimes seem to grow in severity with age, from petty shoplifting and vandalism, to armed robbery. The guns would be supplied by a friend, the plan by another friend and police information by another. I had lots of friends. I like to think it's because I was the only one in my neighbourhood that stayed in school. Brains and brawn beats just brawn right? My average intelligence got me a step above everyone I knew as a kid, and I was on to bigger and better things. Unfortunately those... things got me in prison.

From the great shit-hole of London, to the infinite lands of Russia. Yes, they shipped me out here. They felt it necessary for a man with such "barbarous nature". I won't tell you what I did to get this description, but the journey to the prison was long enough for me to escape, surprisingly easily. You see the Russians, despite their big jail, are drunkards.

I'm good at hiding, but I'm even better at making a man squeal for mercy. I think it was this that attracted the group's attention. I've been with them ever since I fled to chernarus. I like these guys, some of them are the best friends I've ever had. But, I'm still angry. I've always been angry - I find it hard to control. Like fire.


Russell Jackson/JonnyNorway

Hey there, I'm Russell, Russell Jackson. I grew up with Travis in Chicago, oh boy I remember those days. When we were just kids we used to go shoplifting and ... Sorry, I'm easily distracted. Anyways, I'm the groups driver! I keep the moral in the group high, and the speed of our vehicles even higher. I've always had a thing for vehicles, and I guess you could call me a mechanic as well. I know a lot about fixing, repairing and trimming vehicles to make 'em top notch for the crew. I have more licenses than I have fingers, and I've been with the group since 08 when Travis let me in. Before that I was really big in street racing. Anyways, I'll keep this short and thank you for your attention, see you around!

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