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[Discussion] Situation in Ukraine

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Now - I understand with this being a multi-national community that many people will hold different opinions. With that in mind, I - being thread creator - will refrain from posting biased opinions on the matter. After all, I'm Australian and I likely don't have the full picture.

Also, chances are, we have some Ukrainian members - please, keep that in mind.

What is your view on the matter? I do ask that people do refrain from discriminating against others. All I'm asking for are opinions, nothing to ignite or fuel conflict.

If administrators see that this thread could cause issues, I understand and whole-heartedly accept any outcomes or decisions to be made by them, whether it be to delete or lock the thread.


Now, here in Australia, there is a push for our government to support the militants in Ukraine, however - being a peace-loving country - our government would wish to avoid conflict unless forced to by our allies.

This does not necessarily mean our Prime Minister condones the violence inflicted upon the Ukrainian people by their government.

REMEMBER! No discrimination and absolutely no arguments or threats.

I am making this thread hoping that people can respect the opinions of others with humane civility.

And PLEASE, for the love of all things good, do not spam 'CIA PROPGANDA!!!' and 'IT'S AMERICA TRYING TO FORCE UKRAINE INTO THE EU!'. Seriously...

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Well, to be honest, I have no idea what is REALLY going on in there.

I'v watched different news and people in Ukraine doing interviews and the overall picture for me is this: People want president to step down, he is called Russian puppet by the people but people want to stick to West side and join EU.

Now what really is going on I can guess, leaning to reports I'v seen.

The thing we must realise is that the opposition/crowd isn't one minded. There are people who are looking for a fight(might be volenteers or hired or imported). The things I hear is people get payed to fight, then there are so called Ultras I think they call them, who are nationalists. And there are people who protest of them beeing there and won't fight untill Ultras leave.

People have allso said that they suspect Ukraine police importing Russians to their troops cause, how can police do these thing to their own people...

And when police was interviewed thay said well we are fighting against the imported scum/fighters who are looking for a chance. He said they allready can recognize the same faces every day on barricades looking for opportunity. So they kick their asses and try not hurt rest of the people who are peacful.

Then there is question of finance...rumors again one side beeing money pumped by West the other side by East.

But thats waht I'v seen and heard. Can't remember everything.

I personaly think, let them figure things out by themselves. No need to have another "peace operation".

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I personaly think, let them figure things out by themselves. No need to have another "peace operation".

Note that this is not my personal opinion, only information I've been given by local media.

They're worried that the conflict in Ukraine could spread out, affecting countries not even a part of the European continent. Now - I don't know all of the details but it is being labeled an imminent 'contest' between Russia and America, even though America isn't directly involved in the conflict. Don't ask me about all the fine details as I don't know for sure, but it's something to do with America's influence on Syria.

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