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Rowan S

Quick rule question

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Hey guys, A thought just came to my mind real quick and I was thinking, like the good samaritan rule; there is another "Underground" Rule in which if someone is following you for 10 minutes of something along those lines they are considered hostile, is this still a rule and is it only in cars or on foot aswell?

Nothing has happened it just came to my mind :P

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Guest Pandi

I don't think this would be considered a rule, but yes I'd say it would apply on foot as well. Although if you are on foot, I'd most likely just stop and ask why they are following you, if they continue after that and you have told them to stop and it's been more than 10 minutes, I'd just shoot them.

I highly suggest interacting with them before taking up the whole KoS after the 10 minutes of following.

I might need to be corrected on this.

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If someone is following you for a long period of time and you have asked them to stop then it can be considered a hostile action. It is however better if you initiate fully on the person following. That way you should steer clear of any formal reports that would be made if you just shot the person.

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I've also heard about this from somewhere, that if they are following you for a long time you can act on it somehow. As Pandi said, it would be best to confront them and interact with them and as FireMatt said, make sure that you have told them to stop following you a few times before doing such.

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I would confront the player with role-play. Warn him but not in a way that he will just shoot you in the face, don't rule-play but you know what I mean. If he still continues to follow you then I'd shoot him. It would be classed as baiting if he decided to make a report, in my eyes at least anyway.

However, I would be very careful with situations like this. 10 minutes is 10 minutes, don't exaggerate how long he has followed you and if he is actually following you. If you're looting a city and he is 2 buildings behind you, that isn't following.

Tread lightly or you might be the one getting the punishment!

Marking this thread as 'Solved'

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