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First Day

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Thanks for a good first day everyone. Role-play was top notch and I also witnessed a little bit of PvP. Really keen for the future.

Special mentions;

- Jack Miller, damn dude... You freaked me out so much.

- Victor Cruz, Thanks for saving my ass. Didn't realize it but I was actually losing blood and you gave me some Antibiotics.

- The Watchers, General good role-play from you guys. Met a couple of you earlier on in the day when Victor got taken hostage and then again when we confronted the crazy doctor and his friends (sorry I can't remember all of your names).

- Random guy, thanks for the blood bag. Didn't catch your name but you had to go off to a 'secret' place with your friend in the Hazmat suit.

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Well I must say you met the right people for it to be your first day! Victor oh sweet Victor, such a great RPer!

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It was a good day! Laughed so much.

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