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They Say

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“Come on Cyn, we’re gonna be late!”

Jax was pacing back and forth around the make-up table, checking his Breitling every five seconds as if it was going to make a difference. It was obvious to him that Cynthia would not move an inch from her spot – not before she was done perfecting herself. Although he had been keeping it to himself; Jax loved the way she paid attention to the smallest details. The delicate movements of her hands while curling her strawberry-blonde hair and her natural green eyes fixed in the mirror looked like art to him; not that he knew anything about it, but he certainly would savor every moment.

“Calm down you scared cat, I am just about finished. I do not think Scott would mind having me around all dolled-up, you know, he cannot charm all those big shots in fancy suits by himself. He does not even have a cleavage.”

“Easy for you to say, you’re his sister. I’m the one who might lose his job for getting there late.”

Cynthia stood up from the red stool and turned to Jax, entwining her arms around his neck.

“And for screwing the boss’ sister, of whom you are supposed to be the security detail. I heard she is one smoking hot piece, though, lucky you.”

“Oh you just didn’t!”

They rolled down to the bed, lips locked in each other’s – accompanied by childish giggles.

“Okay, you are ruining my hair again!”

“What’s that?”

“I said you are rui…”

Jax put his index finger on her lips, insinuating for her to stop talking.


“I hear something. A crackling voice.”

“A what?”

“Don’t you hear that?”

“Ajax, you’re up.”

“Yeah, I think that’s what it says… Wait, what the!”

He jumped out of the bed, slowly stepping backwards, staring at Cynthia’s face. She rose up, staring back at him.

“Ajax, I said you’re up!”

It was a crisp, manly voice with a Spanish accent, through a radio’s filter, but pouring out of Cynthia’s mouth. It started getting louder. Jax covered his ears. It got louder. Louder. And louder. He leaned against the wall, shut his eyes, clenched his fists and opened his mouth wide – ready to scream.

“Come in, you prick!”

As soon as Jax opened his eyes, something very solid hit his forehead. He immediately recognized the camouflaged tactical stock of the Remington MSR, without having to have his eyes adjusted to the pitch black night. With a disappointed look on his face and one hand on the sour part of his forehead, he took a quick glance at the rifle and let out a deep sigh:

“Et tu, Brute?” “As if you can answer that.”

He touched a small button on his headset, and re-positioned the microphone towards his mouth.

“I told you not to call me that. It’s Jax, not Ajax.”

The man on the other side of the comms was now almost whispering.

“It’s the name your parents gave you, isn’t it? And I reckon you’ve been salivating all over your camo again, at least tell me you got to third base in dreamland.”

“You know I like your naive attempts at joking, Félix, but this is not the time. Give me a sit-rep.”

“Hey, I’m not the one who’s been napping behind a scope for the last thirty minutes. Anyway, me and my boys are in position. The charge has been placed on the east wall. Lucy’s team is set in overwatch two, got eyes on Package One. Zetrov’s birds are three clicks out on point H, ready to scramble. How copy?”

“Good copy. Stand by for my mark.”

Jax pressed the stock against his shoulder, stabilized the angle of the bipod and looked through the pinpoint-telescopic nightvision sight of the rifle. He was roughly 700 meters out on a woodland hill overlooking the small, makeshift settlement with thin walls around its open yard and with a house in the middle. Although the scope was already zeroed specifically for this point, he quickly re-confirmed the distances to the basic spots he had noted down during recon. According to the intel, 12-15 settlers would likely be present at this hour of the night. As far as the reconnaissance team had spotted, they only had basic small arms including hunting rifles, shotguns and pistols. Only one ‘lookout’ appeared to have taken watch on the roof of the two-story, half-wrecked house. There were no dead-men-walking on sight.

“All teams, we’re a go. On your initiative, Félix.”

Exactly ten seconds after the command was given, a large portion of the east wall went down in a fiery explosion. Jax took his supressed shot almost simultaneously, and knocked down the guard on the roof. The settlers immediately started coming out of the house with weapons drawn, and taking positions towards the gap. In the mean time the tac-team led by Félix had broken camouflage, charged down from the tree line and leapt over the wall and the gate on the west side. Jax noticed a couple of the settlers out in the open, slowly going towards the area that the team was infiltrating through.

“Your cover is about to be blown.”


“Go loud.”

He chambered another round, and fired.

“Where is Ajax? Hijo de puta!”

Félix was yelling at a grunt. “We need to wrap this up, the birds are almost here and this place will be crawling with Michael Jackson’s extras from Thriller, soon.”

“Not the right time, man, not the right time.”

Félix turned to the direction that the voice came from. Jax looked as if he just had a stroke; fixated on a dead body of a settler. It was a young boy, lying in a pool of blood – could not be older than 15 or 16. The back of his head was pretty much gone; a large caliber round had done this. A round fired from his rifle.

“I would’ve done it myself, if you hadn’t, Jax. Our orders included killing them all – to deliver a message, anyway. Look on the bright side; that was a pretty damn good shot!”

Two dark-green Merlyn helicopters had already arrived and were ascending for a landing, right outside the gap on the perimeter wall – while an armed Lynx started circling around. Jax shouted without taking his eyes off of the body on the ground.

“I know what the orders were, but the least you can do is to pretend you don’t enjoy this so much.” He turned towards the man. “Are the packages secure?”

“Yeah. Doctor Barr’s assistant is being taken to the helicopter. And this is the other package.”

Félix picked it up from the grunt standing behind him and lifted it up. Jax examined the box that did not look more sophisticated than a high-tech beer cooler, briefly. If it was a beer cooler, it would not take more than two or three cans.

“If only I knew what the fuss about it was. Why do you think Doctor Barr left it here without any real protection, if it’s so essential?”

“Don’t know – don’t care. I just want to go back home; my skin already feels like it’s about to crumble down and I’m pretty sure I got a fever. Yours don’t look good either, you know we need it Ajax.”

They picked up pace towards the second helicopter. Before they embarked, Jax grabbed Félix’ arm:

“Home… You really don’t give a damn about what’s going on in there, do you? I’m not even sure if you have a soul anymore.“

“Of course I don’t. Neither do you. We did what we had to do: made a deal with a devil. In all fairness, this particular devil is quite foxy.”

Hordes of the dead, attracted by the sound of the explosion earlier were closing in to what was left of the settlement, as the helicopters ‘flipped the middle finger to gravity’ and took off.

“Please remove all equipment and uniform, then place them into the locker.”

The voice coming from the speaker above was direct, metallic and soulless.

“I know, I know…”

One by one, Jax removed all parts of his gear; down to his underwear. The locker door shut down automatically, prior to the opening of a reinforced metal door to his right. Unlike his mind, his body felt relieved to be rid of the heavy equipment. He stepped through, kept walking along the narrow corridor and stepped inside a small compartment at the end as its entrance closed off.

“Please remain still.”

“Is this still really necessary after all this time? You can see that I’m all the way naked, and I’m pretty certain that I didn’t stick a combat knife in my butthole. Not sure how much good would it do in here anyway.”

“No external material detected.”

“No shit, Sherlock?”

The door in front of him opened, and closed back off right after he got in. This room was much bigger and brighter – divided into four smaller cells by bulletproof glass and a plus-shaped intersection of corridors in the middle that had inaccessible metal doors on two ends of it. The interiors of each cell were identical: a plain bed, a half bath, and two shelves on the wall.

As Jax walked towards the bed to grab the plain black shirt and black sweat pants, the doors into two other cells opened for their inhabitants. Félix was swearing at the metallic voice and mumbling about what was so bad about trying to sneak through with an innocent issue of vintage Playboy –that he found at the settlement- into his ‘quarters’. The other one was Lucy, the leader of the second overwatch team – checking out and whistling at Jax’ body. She stopped as soon as her eyes met the “I’ve head enough for today” look on Jax’ face.

“Relax, Jax, I’m not the Mister Freakshow nextdoor. Besides, you know I’m gay.”

That was the first thing that made him smile in as long as he could remember. After he put on the ‘domestic uniform’, he sat on the side of his bed and noticed that Oleg Zetrov; the squad leader of the aerial support, was not in his cell. As he realized that he got carried away in thinking about the day he had, he whistled back at Lucy.

“Any idea where Zetrov is?”

Before Lucy could even speak, they heard the hiss of the automated metal door on one of the sides of the “cross”, and a woman in a lab coat walked in.

“How are my glorious commanders doing tonight?” She had a disturbingly calm and almost happy voice. “I couldn’t help but overhear about Oleg. I’m afraid he decided to back down on our arrangement, so we had to put him in the ‘range’”.

“You horrid bitch!” Lucy cried out. “You know what’s gonna happen to him out there without it. He can’t even last through tonight without turning, he hasn’t had his dose for the last three days! And as if that’s not enough, you’re gonna make him into target practice for your dogs!”

“Aww, I’m sorry if you consider yourself a dog. You too, did pull that trigger today.”

“That’s di…”

“U-u-uh, shh. Don’t tell me that’s different. It’s not. And if you keep giving me headaches like this, I might consider serving you as dinner for your friend in the range. Now calm down, put your arm through the hole, be glad that we value your particular talents and remember; you’re not irreplaceable, even in times like this.”

Jax felt like his blood froze up in his veins as he listened to the quarrel. He watched as the woman in the lab coat administered the doses on Lucy and Félix.

The dose.

The only sort of ‘hope’ for an infected man like himself. The only reason he kept coming back here like the rest of the ‘commanders’. He wanted to keep breathing, so he could keep re-living the past, when it was worth it. But the dose had imprisoned him, it was only a temporary fix. It required regular sustainment every three days, otherwise he would end up a walking meat-grinder.

The woman in the lab coat walked towards Jax’ cell, stopped and looked at him in a tired way.

“Come on, Jax. Don’t be silly and put your arm through.”

He did not look at the injector, only felt the sting. Before he could pull his arm back, the woman put something small in his hand. He opened his palm, and saw a pocket music player with headphones wrapped around it. It had been such a long time since he had one of those.

“A little gift from yours truly, for your troubles today. I know that you miss your music.”

Félix was imitating the movement of the woman’s hips and biting his lips as she disappeared behind the metal door. Jax laid down on his bed, unwrapped the earphones and put them on. Pushed the random selection button, and let himself go. He was dissolving in the tune, even though the ear pieces felt strange. Music was his drug - the drug of which withdrawal he had been suffering from since forever. Jax did not even hear Félix say; “Man, I still can’t believe you used to stick it into that, freakin' Doctor Cynthia Klein!” as he sang along:

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It's a shame this was easily forgotten, it was beautifully written.

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Guest Astycc

Amazingly written, how has this not got anywhere? Great job, Semi.

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It's a shame this was easily forgotten, it was beautifully written.

Amazingly written, how has this not got anywhere? Great job, Semi.

love it gif me more

Thank you, guys!

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