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Hotkey Software

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Is there any hotkey software which could be used describing your character while playing? Such a pain typing it over and over again. And no, CTRL + V is not an option. Thanks for reading.

E: Does these servers have a ''/me'' - command or something similliar implented? Or are you folks simply using the **'s or whatever? :S

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You could try AutoHotkey. Perhaps with a little tweaking you could customise it to work with ArmA.

There's also Hot-Keyboard that might give you something useful.

I've never really had to use hotkeys or macros in-game as CTRL+V works for me whenever I need it.

Be wary of how you use it though. I believe it's against the rules to use Macro initiations on people. Although I could be wrong as this was from a while ago.

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Well, it is a role-playing community - if you just want to copy and paste the same story every time I'm unsure why you are here if I'm honest.

Your story should change and develop and remember parts you didn't before or tell it in a different way.

If you're bored of typing, why not use a microphone? :)

Edit: Marking this thread as 'Solved', I think there's enough answers.

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