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Family Bonds

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Family Bonds

Even though the hardest of times, for instance, people trying to bite your face off, family is what keeps us together, by blood or otherwise. And even though we may be a rather unlikely pair of siblings, insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops.

"Look we can't keep doing this!"

Fidor yelled towards Joseph as stormed through the dense forest that surrounded them.

"Well then leave!"

"Goddamit Joe"

Fidor caught up with him.

"Dont call me that!"

"I can call you what I want ya bastard"

Joseph turned around swiftly with gun in hand aimed right at Fidors head, Fidor chuckled and knocked it away with the back of his hand.

"Look Joe, im serious, how many more people are going to die for us to survive"

Joseph grunted, swepped leafs over tracks with his foot and carried on walking with a pace.

"Look brother, if you can't keep up, just stop"

His strong chernarussian accent slurred his r's.

A faint crack could be heard, branches, both of them turned towards the direction where sound came as quickly as hawk to prey.

A silhouette of a man appeared on the earth below them as someone or something rose slowly from the bushes.

Joseph readied his revolver, and Fidor once again lowered it, eyes still fixed at the approaching shadow.

"Ah! Fidor! good to see you"

The man approached with open arms, a black beret upon his head.

Fidor moved forward and greeted him.

"Any news?"

"Huh? Oh right, yeah there's about thirteen or so people coming for you..."

Fidor rotated his head and glared at Joseph with deep unforgiving eyes.

"Dont look at me"

"You're the one who stabbed the guy Joe!"

He turned his attention back towards the jolly man.

"Look thanks, we gotta get moving"

"Hold on a minute did you kill someone?"

"No he did, and I was with him, and I helped him get away..."

"Was it a Watcher?"


Joseph tried to force down a laugh but sniggered.

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