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Guest D008ie


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Guest D008ie

Good afternoon everyone just a quick note to introduce myself. Look forward to meeting you in game. Saw this game being played and it has completely converted me away for the games consol route I have been firmly routed in for far to long.

This mod looks awesome can't wait to try it it out

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Welcome! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Message me if you need any assistance! :)

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Guest JMS

Welcome to The community D008ie,

Make sure that you read the rules carefully so you don't break them ;) and good luck with your whitelist app:)

If you have any questions or help with something feel free to PM me :)

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Its not a mod.... It is a community.

But welcome ever way. I hope you enjoy your stay here and hopefully soon get whitelisted.

In the forums you can find guides on how to make your character, how to RP if you are new, forum guidez and all sorts of shit.

If you have any questions lad you can pm me. I have helped out a few new guys before getting their feet inside the door.

Also your name reminds me of something :troll:

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