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I think this thread would be better as a question under the staff faction thread, but I'll answer this here anyway.

If the UEF is a U.S army divison, then why do they use USMC equipment?

The UEF stand for Utes Expeditionary Force. They're the military branch of the Utes Colony, a relativly isolated society of survivors on the island of Utes that has endured there ever since the outbreak started.

The majority of the UEF are indeed US army soldiers, and they have indeed shown up in USMC equipment at times(but far from always). Hell they've shown up with british merlin helicopters as well, and other sorts of non-US army hardware.

The reason for this is that the US airbase on Utes, being a remnant since the 2009 crisis, was the base from which the joint task force launched their mission to stop the outbreak in 2012. This task force had almost a dozen nations in it, with their various hardware and toys. Some of this was "left behind" or kept in reserve, some of it was lost on mainland CHernarus. But the UEF took care of the hardware and adopted it for their own arsenal. This is the post-apocalypse, and it would seem silly to ignore that big tank infront of you just because you used to be US army and it used to be a USMC tank(as an example).

In short, the UEF use whatever they have, and they have a lot of non US army stuff.

In that same way, the UEF are actually not 100% US army. They're mostly members of the old us army base garrison, but they also have remnants of the joint task force and even a handful of trained civilians. For example, there's a few british troops in their midst, and a french GIGN team were among the survivors that got off the coast of South Zagoria before the situation went to shite.

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The more TL;DR reason is that we use what's present in game, there isn't that big variety of US vehicles to allow us to choose between USMC, US Army or other military branches.

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