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War never changes (Dante Lancaster Development)

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The sound of swirling rotors pounded it's way through the thick, metal plating of the CH-47 that was being deployed to Novy Sobor. Dante lazily picked his head up, yawning as the sudden realization of where he was hit him. His head sprung up in a plea of comfort, he saw men around him - strangers that looked as displeased as him. Atop his lap lay his M4A1, it was fully loaded with the safety switch flicked on. He sighed as he looked past everyone and towards one of the windows, seeing the plains of Russia. He tilted his head back and waited for the journey to finish.

The helicopter slowly came in for landing, it's heavy weight being dragged by the inevitable call of duty. The wheels skimmed past the rocks and bumps of the hill as it finally came to rest and the rotors became lifeless and bland. The back door of the helicopter slowly raised itself down and the glimmer of light pierced it's way through the clouds and onto Dante's face. It was calming, warm and inviting but was quickly castrated by the smoke clouds that were rising in the distance. The squadron quickly set their sights on their destination, scurrying out of the helicopter and setting up recon positions around the transport looking in every direction, every tree-line for anything. Dante slowly made his way out, his weapon slung over his shoulder as he yawned and looked uninterested, all an act to cover his discomfort. A alarming groan heard from the East, as the infected began to slowly make their way out of the trees and in that split second bullets begin ejecting from their weapons, flying at blinding speeds as the thump of imploding gun powder rung around the soldiers, bullet shells dropping to their feet as every bullet hits it's mark, the head of a once known human. A brother, uncle, father, mother. Dante's face turned cold, lifeless as he finally saw with his own eyes what's been going on. The censorship provided by the government to keep morale up and exclude the possibility of society crumbling on itself. He saw it, the horror, the un-inflicted pain that shot right through the infected. It wasn't something out of a movie or a book, this was real and that scarred Dante for life.


The bodies began to pile up, already dead blood dripping from the wound of the dead as one stacked upon another. Brain upon brained splatted onto the lush green foliage around. Dante gathered his thoughts, picking up his weapon again but by that time it was nothing but a Graveyard for the Dead. He sighed, wiping the sweat from the side of his face, but fear is not that easily removed. His squadron began emptying clips, tossing them at the dead having no regard for what just happened. They entered one mag after the other.

"These were people..and you shot them like animals." says Dante, a bland expression on his face as his eyes dart towards the bodies.

One of the soldiers looks back, a grin slapped on his face as he chuckles manically towards Dante holding his M4 in both hands.

"They are animals. They're nothing but rodents which need to be exterminated to the point of extinction. It's why we're here." says the soldier, wiping the side of his gun with his sleeve.

Dante gritted his teeth, clenching his free hand together into a fist as his M4 hanged loosely from the other. He lifted his gaze towards the soldier, disgusted.

"This isn't a sport, these were people - Have some decency." he says, looking upon the soldiers name tag

"Have some decency, Polansky.

The soldiers attitude changed, his presence became ever more disturbing and chilling as he expanded upon his point.

"These here aren't people, they're infested dogs. They deserve nothing to be shot down, put down and eliminated one by one. Don't show them sympathy like they deserve any. They wouldn't do it to you, as soon as you would of let one get close it would rip your Adams Apple from your neck and gauge your eye balls out with it's teeth. Don't act like you care, they're nothing in this world and humanity has to prevail over this." finishes the soldier, turning his back and waving his hand in the air signaling for the chopper to take off as he shouts towards the rest of the squad.

"We're moving out. Let's get to it!"

[12AM, will finish off later. If someone has read it, please tell me what you think :)]

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Wow, this is a really good read. Some very tense moments in there. Felt a bit down when you said you'll finish it tomorrow. I look forward to finishing this. :)

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Amazing read, holy shit...

Also, you need ArmA 2: Combined Operations to be able to whitelist, not DayZ Standalone (seen your question thread).

Good luck, cannot wait to have you in the server and roleplaying.

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The squadron slowly push their way through the tree's, dashing through bushes and branches as their hearts pound from anxiety. For every few meters they get closer to their destination more infected fall to the ground. Dante keeps in the back, holding his weapon by his side and not firing off a single shot. He sighs, looking around as blood covers the once life filled forest. Dead birds situating them selves at the roots of trees and the stench of rotting flesh floats lightly in the air. The soldiers push their way out of the forest and appear from the West side of the town. As Dante looks upon the small village he sees nothing but destruction, death and despair. The distant screams of men and women being mauled to death echo in Dante's ear drums, he shivers as buildings are set alight and a heavy veil of smoke rises from the ground to the forsaken skies. Polansky raises his hand, signalling the squad to stop.

"Keep to open areas, we don't want to get swarmed. Stick together and take out every infected son of a bitch you see. Show no mercy." he says, unloading his magazine and checking the rounds still left. The moonlight reflects from one of the rounds into Dante's eyes, he seems blinded by it for much longer than expected. He lifts his head, looking towards the skies.

"The blood moon rises.. tonight shall be filled with red." he says coldly, rubbing his arm and flicking the safety switch off of his weapon as his hair sticks up, he feels cold and lifeless as the realization of events hits him once more and he stands there, emotionless as time speeds up and he's left by himself. His squad had moved up without him. Time regains it's pace, as he glares towards a horde charging at the soldiers. Their faces ripped off of their body, blood running down the streets pooling in one area. Dead bodies stack one upon another and the night becomes silent. The fires extinguished by the brutality of events. Dante stands in shock, Polansky, Thompson, Taylor, Carter, Kozlowski, Dent, McCarthy, all dead in one area, blood running down their uniforms adding to the pool. Their weapons stained with guilt and emotion. Dante's entered a state of limbo, he can't move, he can't feel, he can't sympathize and he cannot regain control. The echo's of zombie groaning bounces around him as his eyes lazily rise up from depression and he sees Polansky charge at him, his eyes blood shot red with flesh already rotting. He looked suicidal as he let out a final howl. Dante shook his head, bringing about his M4 and emptying an entire clip into his comrade. He screamed as he did so, and the flash of gunpowder lit up the night.


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Very well done, Octo!

Story sucked me in immediately!

Thank you! :)

And thanks to all of you for the feedback :3

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