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Avoiding being KoS'd on SA

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Hello all you lovely sexy people of DayZRP.

Just a quick one, wouldn't it be prudent that all the DayZRP community members who play on SA to get yourself in Teamspeak. Surely it would help in prevent KoS on each other as we can say where we are.

I suppose the counter argument would be that it would be metagaming in a way as we would only be RP'ing in TS and not 'in-game' but if we stayed in character on TS maybe it could work.

Nothing will be perfect until the admin tools come into play.

Just a suggestion.

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What, do you mean now. Well I guess I could I looked and no one is in there. I'm going to give you my character name and that's; Hector Medina.

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I didn't mean right now, just a general suggestion.

Thinking about it, it could turn into the DayZRP community verses all the none RP'ers.

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