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the reaper

hay just join

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Hey, reaper. Welcome to DayZRP.

The application will take as long as it needs. The admins have a lot to go through and will read it when it comes to you. You can check by going on the 'Whitelist' page of the forums and it will tell you your position on the que. The lower the better.

PM me if you need any assistance.

Best of luck.

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Welcome to the server, Reaper!

If you donate money to the server on this page, then you are 'bumped' up the list. This means, you're placed higher in the list, you're higher priority to those who haven't donated. Another way of getting higher priority, is larger applications. Writing more or filling the fields more will place you higher in the queue. In the whitelist section, there are guidelines for how much you should write, and what you should cover. Exceeding these guidelines will strengthen your chances of being accepted.

If you need any additional help/advice, feel free to message me, or find some more here. :)

Hope you enjoy your stay! :)

Don't forget, you need at least one post (it'll tell you under your avatar/name) otherwise your account will be deleted.

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If your application is larger in terms characters, it will typically be moved higher up the queue. Donating at least €5 put you even higher up and prevent your account from being deleted for inactivity.

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Guest UniqueLeader

hey guys i just joined

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Hi and welcome to the server, patience is the word, but its worth the wait.. Best of luck with your application.

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