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Staff "mini-event" media thread

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This is a thread dedicated to people's screenshots and videos from the numerous staff mini-events that have been going on lately. Post away!

I'll do my part:


CTC relief convoy on route to Prud.


Same CTC convoy being blown up at Prud. Damned bastards.


Gassed and ready.

Sorry for the relativly low quality, had to play on fairly low-res to prevent FPS issues.

Thought for sure I had pictures of the heli attacks but unfortunetly they're gone. Maybe someone else can provide.

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Great job with these events guys, it truly brings a sense of drama and excellent RP capabilities to the server.

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Some pictures from the UAV flying about tonight.











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I really wish someone had good recordings of the latest event when the Council strykers attacked and got blown up by some effective anti armor forces. I mean, the whole event recorded possibly?

ps. got to love how in that video the guy getting shot collapses with a fountain of blood spurting from his head. Quite cinematic. Well roleplayed death right there.

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