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Guest John Le Bear

[-V-] Vultures - Full IC backstory (WIP)

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Guest John Le Bear

This is going to be used as the location for the full, IC backstory for the clan. I have been informed that the clan thread needs less text and this is only going to get bigger, so im posting it here for those who want to read about the full backstory.

I will be updating it every couple of days.

How we began

The First Chapter

The Beginning

The wind was blowing strong, whistling down the streets of Chernogorsk. Clouds grew thick and smothered the light of the sun until it was no more, shadows became more and more daunting as they darkened. Night was almost upon the city, soon the darkness would take everything from those trapped inside, they would be left with nothing but the emptiness of the black, dark which they would have to fill with their fear.

As night came, a man was stood in the street, in the empty darkness waiting, but the street lights were not going to turn on. He was left alone with his fear and the darkness. The man wasn't left in peace in the dark, there was no silence. The wind was gently blowing the sickly smell of rotted bodies from the pitch-black alleys that even the fearless of men were afraid to venture in to. There is no silence, and the occasional shadow of an infected person leaks across the roadway. There's the faint, tinny sounds of screams and shouts in the distance that fade into a kind of grainy wash that fills the street, seeping into the darkness. Silence would be too frightening. But this place has a music all its own.


Metal shutters, caked with rust and graffiti, are strapped like plasters over the reinforced windows, and they softly rattle. There isn't any business here any more, and the doorways are all locked and barred. The old bars no longer have their neon signs flickering and buzzing, no punters wondering drunk home from them, they just stand absent of their magnificent glow. Some ragged flyers are posted to the peeling paint of sickly-yellow walls, but not many.

This place is complete in its incompleteness; the gap in the row of buildings on one side feels like the hole in your gum after a tooth's just come out. It sucks at you, the wilderness of an abandoned lot blooming with twisted crabapple, and rotted brush, and the litter of a thousand fast food restaurants. The wind blows colder, and the creak of a shutter as it raps back and forth on an empty window is a sudden, invasive sound. There are no trees. Scrubby plants poke from the cracks of the concrete in people's gardens, and weeds ooze around the slabs in the foot path. The road itself is a black ribbon of slick tarmac, reflecting only the dim nighttime cast of the moonlight.

And then, just above the mans breath, barely heard above the pounding of his pulse, is a set of footsteps...right behind him.

The man quickly turned to see someone quickly approaching him while groaning. The figure stalked towards him. In a moment of terror the man froze, unable to peel his eyes away from the figures ghastly towering features. The figures face was sunken in, eyes unfocused. His mouth twitched and drooled as if craving for something, anything, it wanted the man.

The smell of his rotting face was enough to make a stomach churn. His nails were dark and bloody, It wasnt his blood that stained his nails, it was the blood of his prey, the blood of humans. Finally the man saw the figures gross discoloured skin close enough to see that it was falling apart. It was falling away from his muscle, his bones. "Oh my god! What the fucking hell is that! Shouted the man in an aggressive tone. In that instant, somehow, the mans body found itself, discovered how to move again. He began to run, as fast as he could to get away, but it chased him, the infected mess had chose its target and wasn't letting it go.

"Stay away from me! Im warning you!" Shouted the man as he ran. The loud shouts of the frightened man echoed down the empty streets, awakening all those around. Within seconds groans and screeches were heard from across the city, hundreds of infected began to flock towards the mans location.


The man reached a junction in the street and found him self trapped from all sides. Infected had surrounded him, they groaned in excitement, a kill was almost upon them.

The man began to scream "Well is this how its going to end?! If this is my fate im not going down without a fight, come and get some you raggy, rotten pricks!"

The man reached in to his pocket. The ivory grips of his .45 ACP felt cold against his hand. He drew the gun from his pocket and pulled the slide back to ensure a round was chambered, quickly took aim and placed a single round into the head of one of the infected racing towards him. The recoil was more than expected as was the noise. "Thats the first time I have ever fired a gun, the first time I have ever took a life. It felt...It felt good." mumbled the man. He then continued to empty the rest of his ammo into the oncoming infected. Bullet by bullet the infected fell and as each bullet killed an infected it saved the man for a few more seconds.

There were not enough bullets in his gun, not enough to slay a horde. After the ammo was gone he stood there, put the gun to his head and began to frantically pulling the trigger, he was traumatized by the clicking noise the trigger made as it failed to fire any more bullets.


The man spread out his arms, fell back against the metal shutter behind him, dropped his gun and let out a long, painful scream as the infected grew closer.

One of the infected grabbed the man by the neck and the man stopped screaming and whispered "I'm not ready to die, please!" Then he fell to the floor with a thud. As he lay on the floor in his last moment he heard a screech and looked at the metal shutter he had fell against. It had opened ever so slightly, just enough to crawl through.

Before the man could move a hand reached out from the darkness and grasped the mans clothing, dragging him inside under the shutter. The shutter then closed and the room was black with darkness. Whimpers could be heard throughout the room.

"Find something to lay on, you sleep here tonight. We will talk at daybreak" said a voice to the man. A match was then struck in the middle of the room, it lit a lantern.

The room was suddenly filled with light, enough light to make out the faces. The room was filled with people, old, young, middle aged, they were all here, surviving from the evil that lurked around outside. The man then fell asleep.

Day came and the man was awakened with a sharp kick to the ribs. "Hey, get up! Its going to be a long day and I bet you have some questions." Stated a voice.

The man got up and followed the other person out of the room they were in, into an office. "Take a seat and we will discuss whats happening". Said the man.

"Okay, thanks for saving me last night, from those...those things. My name is Spring, Mr. R Spring. Now, what the hell is going on here!?" Exclaimed Mr. Spring.

"Well, its nice to meet you Mr. Spring. I'm Samuel and if you want to know whats going on you should read my diary, its quicker than me telling you a really, really long story.

Mr. Spring makes himself comfortable, opens the diary and begins to read it. (I will be making the diary soon and adding a link to it, though for now its not too relevant). Samuel gets up and walks out of the room. "I will be back in a couple hours, it will take you a while to read that".

After an hour and a half had past Mr. Spring was done reading, shortly after Samuel returned. "Well Mr. Spring, now you know whats happening, I will show you around our little place" said Samuel.

Mr. Spring followed Samuel around the building as he explained what each are was for and who used it, introducing Mr. Spring to people on his way around. The building was a large row of various shops and homes in a street of Chernogorsk, the survivors has knocked holes in the walls to gain access to more buildings and they had secured the windows and doors, it looked safe.

One of the rooms was part of a large building that had been converted into a church. It was a large room filled with old benches, the benches were old and worn, but they served their purpose. the room was littered with clothes, mattresses, sleeping bags, backpacks, food wrappers. People were living in squalor. It was a mess.


"So Mr. Spring, you have seen it all, what do you think?" Samuel paused for a moment allowing Mr Spring to talk and then quickly interrupted. "Oh before I forget, do you want a replacement for that suit you are wearing? Its not very fitting."

"First of all, the suit is fitting. Appearance is everything. In matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity is the vital thing. Now as for your...lets call it an establishment. It lacks organisation, there are women, children, men, old, young all over the place. It needs structure, it needs strong members." Explained Mr. Spring.

"Oh is that what you think is it? Well then, what would you advise?" Replied Samuel with a sarcastic tone.

"Well since you asked I would clean the place up, select specific areas for specific things, organize your equipment, stock pile food and drinks. There is opportunity in every situation, you just need to know what to exploit to gain it. I have more advise, but first these things need doing" said Mr. Spring.

Over the next coming days Samuel took on board what he had been told and took on the role of the leader while Mr Spring sat back and advised him what to do when he needed it. The group became organised and everything was in order.

"Okay, I think we are organised, we have enough supplies to hold out for a week or so, now what Mr. Spring?" Asked Samuel.

"Well Samuel, there is one last thing that needs doing, you are not going to like it, but it needs doing. You need to remove the weak. This new world is much like the business world, everyone is fighting to survive, become the top dog as you could say, the only way to do that is be the strongest business. Applying that to our situation, we want to survive, to survive we need to remove the weak from our group, construct a 'master race' as you could call it. It would consist of all those fit and able, those who have skills and those intelligent enough to learn those skills. All the others need to be removed, I will let you decide on how you plan to do that." Said Mr. Spring. There was a long silence and Samuel walked out of the room.

The Second Chapter

The Killing

It had been weeks since Samuel and Mr Spring had talked, supplies were growing low and there was just too many people living with the group who were not contributing enough. Mr Spring's solution had not been considered, due to this Mr Spring began to grow anxious and wanted to act.

The night was quiet and everyone in sight was sleeping, all but Samuel and Mr. Spring. Samuel sat in his office writing on a paper, presumably planning out a system to control the supplies to make them last longer. Meanwhile, Mr. Spring was rummaging through the supplies looking for a weapon, something silent but quick and deadly. After some searching he found very little and settled with a sharpened kitchen knife.

Mr. Spring took the knife and concealed it up his sleeve and then headed towards Samuel's office. By the time he had got there Samuel had already fallen asleep on his desk next to a half empty bottle of whiskey. Mr. Spring slowly approached and took out the knife, he then placed a small, white cloth over Samuels. Mr. Spring then positioned the tip of the knife on Samuels head, raised the knife and brought it down at speed, puncturing his skull and destroying his brain. He then removed the cloth and looked at the mess he had made. "All in a days work" Said Mr. Spring as he smiled. He then took the cloth and placed it on the desk with the knife and returned to his bed.


The next day Samuel was no where to be found, his body gone, the mess cleaned up, but Mr. Spring had not moved it, he did not care, someone else must have watched, someone else must have supported him.

Over the next few weeks the eradication of the weak began. Trials were put in place. There were three challenges that someone had to undergo in order to earn their place.

First was the physical challenge. There was a series of tests within this challenge that evaluated your physical skills. First the survivors had to wear a large back pack and a brick was added to it, then another and another. This continued until you could hold no more and collapsed, if you managed more than 10 bricks you passed this test. Second was a test to review the survivors running skills. The survivors were set out in the street and had to out run a pack of infected down narrow alley ways, if they failed the infected were often killed and they failed the test. However mistakes sometimes took place and the infected devoured the poor survivor who failed to outrun their predators. Then there was a weapons test, survivors were tested on the shooting skills and hand to hand combat skills. All those who failed to complete all of these tasks were sent to the next challenge, those who completed the tasks then entered the final task. The remaining survivors for the physical challenge were paired up and then made to fist fight one another until their opponent submitted. Who ever submitted instantly failed all challenged and was sent on their way, they were weak and were eradicated from the group.

Second was a mental challenge. The survivors were asked a series of questions created by the group as a whole. The questions were based around discovering how you would act in certain scenarios and how good you were at negotiating. This was a complicated challenge and few passed, it was mainly the weaker, more intelligent survivors who had little use in physical challenges but excelled in the mental challenges. Those who failed were then sent to the next challenge.

Third was the general skills challenge. This consisted of various tasks which ranged from cooking, to making fires, to administrating medical aid. Certain skills were valued more than others in this challenge, as things such as cooking was a common skill among the survivors. As a group they decided which skills were in abundance and were needed the most, then they went from there. Anyone who lacked the needed skills were eradicated.

At first the weak were eradicated in a peaceful manner. The weak were given food, drinks and a weapon of sorts if there was something to spare. They were then sent on their way. This worked for a couple weeks, but then problems started. Food and drink stocks began to run dangerously low, there was barely enough supplies for the group as a whole.

Things took a turn for the worst....

(More soon)

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