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Gorrister Jackson - The Lone Wanderer

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[mp3]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/232949657/I%20Have%20No%20Mouth%20And%20I%20Must%20Scream%20OST-%2002%20-%20That%20Hole%20In%20My%20Chest%20(Gorrister).mp3[/mp3] Listen to this while you read, listen to the other mp3's as you get to them through reading or else they will make no sense.




Gorrister leans against the concrete wall of the underpass and looks at his pacing partner in crime Jerry.

"Jerry quit pacing like that you are making me nervous, just stay calm and let me do the talking and we will be fine."

Jerry Looks at Gorrister with a frightened look in his face.

"Gorrister we are fucked this time man! We bit off more than we could handle and now those fuckers are coming to break our legs and throw us in the ocean never to be seen again! Don'tcha fucking get it! We're fucked man!"

Gorrister pulled up his shirt to reveal a hidden glock.

"Look Jerry we are gonna be fine just relax if you stay uptight like this than they are gonna know something is up! Look man the merchandise we have now will be good enough until next month we are just gonna have to work harder."


The sound of a car approaching takes both Jerry and Gorrister by surprise. Jerry whispered to Gorrister

"What the fuck man, they are not supposed to be here for at least another couple minutes, this is fuck bro!"

Two men walk towards the underpass the deal was supposed to happen, Gorrister takes off his back pack and lays it on the ground. One of the two men asked.

"These the goods?"

Gorrister nodded and said.

"Yep its all in there, we always deliver"

Gorrister slowly moves his hand in his jacket gripping his hidden glock and one of the men unzipped the backpack to find it was empty, Gorrister quickly whipped out his glock and opened fire on both the men. Jerry yelled then said to Gorrister.

"What the fuck Gorrister I thought you said we had this months shipment! OOhhh shit man how are we gonna fucking get out of this shit!"

Gorrister padded the mans bodies, taking their wallets and the keys for the car, then he tossed the keys to Jerry.

"Jerry get to the car we are getting out of here!"

Gorrister and Jerry started the car and started to drive away and Jerry angrily said to Gorrister

"Fuck dude, I think I would have preferred the beating they would have given us, now they are going to hunt us down... And all of the evidence there, holy shit man we are now on the run!"

Gorrister looked at Jerry then let out a sigh.

"This is our life now"





In a panic Jerry makes a u-turn and confuses the police then yells at Gorrister.

"Holy shit man fuck! Fucking shoot them, your the one with the goddamn gun!"

Gorrister loads his glock then takes pot shots at oncoming police vehicles then says.


"Jerry our only chance of surviving this is to ditch the car and lose them in the crowd in the town!"

Jerry responded with.

"Where the hell are we gonna go, we have the mob, the police, and the city council asking for our heads! Who is going to help us!?"

Gorrister pulls out a business card and says.

"Well Jerry remember Joe? I know he does commercial flights and maybe he could get us out of the country."

Jerry looks at Gorrister with a surpised look.

"What? B-but... Where would we go man? This is our home we were born here I mean... What about our parents? Fuck what about your Courtney?"

Gorrister looked down with a look of regret.

"A-Anywhere we could lay low... Our families and lovers are no longer part of our li-"


Jerry and Gorrister's vehicle was rear ended by another car.





Gorrister Slowly awakens to the sound of a flat line monitor, he looks to left and finds Jerry unconscious missing his right arm and in a full body cast. He then rolls off the bed and falls onto the floor, he screams in agony.

"Fuuuck!! Urgh! Fuck my ribs are broken, Jerry!! Goddamn it answer me Jerry!"

Gorrister Crawls to Jerry's hospital bed then lifts him self up then puts his hand on Jerry's chest. He begins to cry and mumble.

"Jerry? Come on buddy do not leave me like this! This is all my fault... I am so sorry, please don't leave me!"

A nurse walks into the room then yells out.

"Officer! Officer! He is awake please detain him"

A police officer came in the room and picked up Gorrister then hand cuffed him to his original hospital bed. Jerry's heart right starts to drop then stops, Gorrister struggled to break his restraint.

"Jerry! Noo! Save him! Save him for fuck sakes!!"

The nurse looks over at Gorrister and says.

"I am sorry to inform but. He is gone there is nothing we can do."

Gorrister lays his head down and sighs. The officer turns his back to Gorrister to talk to the nurse, Gorrister notices the gun the officer had holstered, he quickly snatched it then pointed it at the officer and the nurse.

"Give me the fucking key to unlock these handcuffs or you are fucking dead!"

The officer gave Gorrister the key and Gorrister unlocked the cuffs then slipped out the hospital through the back entrance.




Gorrister looks down at joe's business card then looks up at door.

"Yep this is the place, has to be."


Gorrister knocks on the door. A middle age man with graying hair and a cigarette opens the door, then says.

"G-Gorrister? What the hell are you doing here Gorrister?!? Do you not know that half of the county is looking for you? And that is just the officials I'm not even counting the amount of bounty hunters and gang bangers that want your head!"

The man pokes his head out the door and takes a look around.

"Where is Jerry? Is he hiding or did you leave him for de-"

Joe slams his hand on the door.

"Jerry is dead! Car accident, he died in the hospital but... Listen I know you do some flying for some company's and shit, I don't know how it works but I need a way out of the country, preferably within the next I dunno... Um fifteen hours? Can you do that for me Joe?"

Joe lets out a slight chuckle.

"Goddamn it Gorrister you say that like it is easy. There is no I can take you that you could lay low for awhile... Well actually there is one place but ugh... There is kinda a rebellion going on at this moment and I am not sure how a white boy such as yourself would fit in."

Gorrister laughs then gives Joe a serious look.

"I am down for anything trust me this is my only option."

Joe smiles. then gestures for Gorrister to come in.

"Well then Gorrister, I do owe it to your father to help you out, he did save my ass in the war."




While Gorrister making himself comfortable in the cargo of the plane, Joe sits next to Gorrister then says.

"So Gorrister after about fifty bribes so others would look the other way so you could sit right here, you ready for Takistan?"

Gorrister chuckles.

"I honestly don't know. All I know is that I am going to need to widen my point of view on certain things."

Joe nods then pulls out a white and black checkered rag then tosses it to Gorrister

"Wrap that around your head when we get there, that should help keep attention off of ya, now buckle in this is gonna be a long flight"

Joe shuts the hatch.





Gorrister opens his eyes and turns over, griping his bed sheets.

"Three months of this... It never gets easier to sleep, never will."

A man with a bandoleer equipped with grenades and ammunition enters Gorristers room with two rifles, he tosses one of them to Gorrister. He then yells.

"Brother! Wake up! We have hostiles approaching, it is time you show how loyal to the cause you really are!"

Gorrister quickly sits up and readies his rifle, he then then says.

"Muhammad! I thought the outpost north of here was supposed to deal wi-"


Gorrister was interrupted by a rocket that hit the building that he and Muhammad were in. After the explosion Gorrister ran outside and quickly got into cover, his rebel friend went to the top of the building to get a good vantage point for his scoped rifle. Gorrister looks up at Muhammed then yells.

"Muhammad I am going to make a run for it! Lay down some suppressing fire, If I can just get to that building across the street I can set a charge and blow these assholes away!"

Muhammad looks down at Gorrister and nods giving him the okay. Gorrister sprints across the street while Muhammad lays down covering fire. Gorrister looks over at Muhammad and gives him a thumbs up to show him he made it. Gorrister then pulls out C4 from his bag and arms it on a sign near the road, he then takes cover in a nearby building while waiting for the enemy vehicles to roll in. He then turns on his radio and dials it to Muhammad's frequency.

"The charges are set just tell me when to detonate!"

After several minutes Muhammad calls Gorrister on the radio.

"Do it now!!"

Gorrister detonates the c4 destroying two enemy vehicles, This pushed the enemy's back giving Gorrister and Muhammad enough time to retreat. While heading back to another outpost Muhammad pats Gorrister on the back then says.

"Good job brother, who would have thought an American such as yourself would make such a fine soldier of the cause, you earned yourself a special award with that, the general wants to send you somewhere!"

Gorrister quickly responds nervously.

"Wait what? Where? I cant leave!"

Muhammad laughs loudly then says.

"If only we had more like you so willing to find for the cause! Do not worry, you will be treated well where you are going an- ah! Here we are, just head into the generals room, he wish's to speak with you about this!"

Gorrister sighs then enters the room generals room, a man with a thin cut goatee and a shirt riddled with ribbons and awards turns around and greets Gorrister.

"Ahhh, so you are the American my brothers tell me so much about, here sit sit there is much to discuss"

Gorrister sits then attempts to open his mouth to say something but is quickly cut off by the general

"So Gorrister, I trust Muhammad already told you that we are sending you somewhere yes? I thought so. You see Gorrister you have a likeness about yourself and people tend to trust you, and you show extreme courage on the battle field, I would like to send you to a foreign land known as Chernarus. We have some contacts there that are interested in fueling the cause. I want to send you as our representative, whats a better way to show a group of people what kind of people we are then send them Someone such as yourself, once they notice you are American they will understand that we do not care for petty religious or racial beliefs and they will know how serious we are about our cause. So you have earned your self a promotion today Gorrister, consider yourself an officer in our glorious rebellion, oh and take this, this beret will show the others you are now an officer."

The general tosses a beret to Gorrister, Gorrister inspects the beret and puts it on his head then says.

"Well... Anything for the cause my general!"

The general responds with

"yes yes now please leave me I have some urgent phone calls to make to prepare your flight."




Gorrister looks out the window of the plan and sighs then mutters to himself.

"I just had to be a goddamn hero."

The pilot who also happened to be Muhammad looks over at Gorrister.

"Cheer up brother! This is a new land full of exciting opportunities!"

Gorrister chuckles then says.

"Well alright brother but lets get on the ground I don't feel comfortable in this flying piece of chunk."

Muhammad nods.

"Yes yes we will be down shorty but ugh... I must warn you, we don't know how but some local authorities of these lands were tipped off and are expecting us but they are not expecting a white man so we have the element of surprise."

Gorrister sighs then says.





Gorrister's eyes open wide to the sound of screaming then he closes them, he opens them again to the same setting but instead of screaming and people running in fear it is silent and the city he once slept in is a ghost town, he picks himself up then looks off into the sunset.

"This is my life now"

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Exceptional read. One of the best i've read so far. Funny in parts heartbreaking in others. Keep up the good work :D

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Wow, looks like a lot of work was put into this. It was a great read though!

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Wow, looks like a lot of work was put into this. It was a great read though!

Thank you for the feedback!

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The first Entry


"So this is um... Interesting, first entry into this journal and I already am at a loss, only reason I am writing this is because Jerry always said I should try to log everything that happens, got nothing better to do now.

So I found this jeep I think it is, had some military equipment in it, found some suit that looks like a bush heh should be useful for keeping me warm and sneaking around, on top of that I found a nice big back pack with the label "coyote" on it so that was nice. I have enough food to last me a few days might just find a nice quiet spot and just sleep all day until I need to find supplies again. So this is the end of my first entry, hopefully my next entry will be more interesting."

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The 2nd Entry


"Heh well I wanted something interesting to happen and it did indeed. Was napping in the jeep and then I woke up to the sound of a bunch of locals heading my way they surrounded me and my only option was to drive through them, was a half good idea until one of the tires gave out and the fucking car flipped over. Managed to crawl my ass out of there but was pretty banged up, managed to nurse my wounds up a bit and then decided to head to lake Prud and see if I could get any serious medical attention. After running for what seemed like days I finally reached Prud I met an Outpost Ranger that went by the name of "Mace" atleast I think thats what it was, good guy, hell of a shot with a cross bow. I have never seen a man with such precision with ranged weapon as Mace. Oh and I also met two twins, cant remember their first names but there second name was walker so I just called them the walker twins, me and Mace headed to Stary to do a scavenging run, while we were there I met a man named Russle who happened to be with a group who called themselves "outlaws" Honestly they sound like a fun bunch, hell might be the most fitting crew for me to run with if I ever do run with a crew but who knows its gonna take some more time. I think for now Ima just look after myself and see where life takes me. I guess this is the end of my second entry. Fuck man once my life is done the fucker that takes me out is gonna be reading this and I wonder what they are gonna think."

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Amazing! Great read! great job! I can't wait to read more!

Thanks bro! Comments like these help motivate me to write more and play Gorrister more! Hopefully I can really flesh out the kind of character Gorrister is going to be in the next entry.

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Amazing! Great read! great job! I can't wait to read more!

Thanks bro! Comments like these help motivate me to write more and play Gorrister more! Hopefully I can really flesh out the kind of character Gorrister is going to be in the next entry.

Welcome! Its well deserved! Keep up the great work! I'd love to see more in depth stories about Gorrister!

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