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New Epoch Server. Panthera

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So I've recently thought about this and I would LOVE to have this server.

My suggestion is:

Epoch Panthera.

It's something I just LOVE about panthera and that reason makes me love standalone aswell but since you cant have a serious roleplaying server there since no admin tools so far I dont want to play there.

This thing is that you can enter every single house. But besides from Chernarus + map I just love this jungle atmosphere in Panthera.

Imagine the stuff that can happen.

You can build a bigger and better and more RP wise civilisation than like Pobeda dam was on Epoch Chernarus.

You can like build walls around a city and people build doors in normal houses and it will be so cozy and so survival like. It will be like a real city that survivors built up to protect from zombies. And more people will join and it will be completely insane RP and so much fun I won't get some sleep.

I think this will be the best potential RP server.

AAAH I can't think about how much fun it would be :)

My fantasy maybe is too wide but it would be so epic.

Thank you.

- Enar

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Guest magw33d

We've already had Epoch Panthera and it was shut down due to inactivity. I personally would enjoy it if it was DayZ Panthera more as I don't like the Epoch features as they negate from the roleplay and people focus on base building over anything else. It would give a fresh perspective to roleplay as we wouldn't have to revolve around the Chernarussian theme.

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There used to be one but no-one played on it and due to Epoch being dead at the moment, I'd say it's pointless.

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Guest Icy


The current servers are dead, RP mod is better!

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Guest Biiddy

It has been done already and was not that popular.


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