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Yay, I got bored

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ok I watched most of it, but I did skip a lot.

As it is now I'd give it a 1/10.

The first episode was pretty much just you and some guy talking OOC it seemed, and running of course, the production value was also really bad, don't really know why you put that one up in the first place.

The second episode was just texting and with nothing exciting happening, you asking directly for a blood transfusion,the person giving it to you doing it without almost no RP.

The third episode was pretty boring, nothing really happening, boring/bad RP, I mean, talking about naked woman,strip clubs, joking about fat people, there were nothing that was entertaining to watch.

This is just my opinion though, others maybe like it.

If you want to make videos for YT I'd suggest you only put up videos that has something of value in them.

Youtubers work pretty hard for their material, they play hours after hours to get maybe 10-15 min good content.

Also, I'd suggest turning off the DayZ music.

I'm sorry if I sound cruel, but you asked and you got my honest opinion, I don't think you should stop making RP videos since there isn't that many, but be more selective with what you put up.

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//moved to Media

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Did they all get taken down?

Yes they did, because they were sooo Bad. Gonna put new ones up though...soonTM.

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