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Rule page suggestion.


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Currently, the rules are all grouped together. Almost making it painful to read and easily lose your place.

Suggesting to separate the rule points like this.


6.1 The reports will be handled using the possible evidence available, such as logs and videos.

6.2 The logs are considered true and correct unless a video can prove otherwise (in game bug, chat glitch, server error etc).

6.3 Player statements are used only to confirm the logs/videos.

6.4 If a player dies and the killer can't prove the legitimacy of the kill (logs or video), he will be considered guilty.

6.5 That being said all bandits/attackers should record all hostile acts to avoid getting involved in false KoS reports. The bandits will be punished if they (or the logs) can't confirm they followed the server rules, since they are guilty till proven otherwise.

6.6 Players who were not involved or have witnessed the incident first hand should not post in the report or ban appeal threads on the forums. Failing to do so will be punished by warnings or temporary forum bans.

6.7 There will be no rollbacks for victims of rule breaking. This means that when a player is KoS or similar, he cannot ask for or expect a character or a vehicle being restored. Rollbacks will only be done in extreme situations like a KoS sprees or scripters. The air vehicle insurance for the donated vehicles is the only exception from this rule.

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