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Michael Peterson

My own story. (Diverion Online)

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Last time, I decided to type some story. Keep in mind, that I'm 16 year old, and what more I'm from Poland. I wrote the story in my national language, and decided to rewrite one chapter of it in english. Hope you will like it! The shortcut of what was going on - Wulfery (Michael Peterson. Name of the main character), and Nesti (His friend) were taken to test the game Diverion Online, which was the first game compatible with virtual reality helmet called "MANY". The whole storyline is kinda like Sword Art Online. They are after little hunting for wolve furs, which huntsman ordered them to bring.

Chapter 3 – Beginning of the end

We brought the wolves fur to the huntsman. He gave each of us, five silver coins, with suggestion, that we may need horses, especially, that soon we will need to travel a lot. When we finally finished that job, we decided to visit tavern.

It was almost filled with other players. Inside seemed really comfy. The ceiling was only a bit above my head, so people taller than me had to incline. The tables and benches were made out of oak wood, but the second were covered with wolf fur. In the middle of room, there was stone oven, on which boar meat was cooked. Some parts of the walls were covered with random animal furs, what was giving us really great feeling. Against the front doors, there was counter, and after it kitchen room. We decided to take a seat at one of the places near wall.

Innkeeper was walking from table to table, giving people their food. Me and my friend decided to order two cramps burning, which cost us one silver coin. - I still can't believe that you managed, to actually meet a girl. But who knows. Envy you Nesti. Maybe I will be lucky enough, to meet one in future. - I was still wondering , how did they picked players. Maybe it was 50/50. Ten thousand girls and boys, to make this whole world more realistic. Nesti looked at me. - It is indeed funny. Maybe I just have natural luck? - He answered me with smile. I rolled my eyes, and decided to observe the inside again.

At the table near us, there was a group of people, consuming some kind of a soup. There was a warrior, from the mountain people, elf archer, mystic woman, and heaven human, as a lancer. They were having really intense conversation between each other. After a while, the owner of tavern came to us with our food. I ripped off one of the legs, from my “some time ago” alive chicken. - Interesting... I'm actually really hungry. And this smells so delicious.- I said to Nesti.

I took my first bite, thinking in the mean time, if I will actually feel any kind of taste. Instantly, I felt like I have just received a bitch slap from my taste buds. The taste of chicken meat was even better, than I was ever able to feel from real life dish. - Och... my... god... - I heared from my companion, who seemed, like he felt the same thing as me. I was feeling, like in heaven.

After twenty minutes, when both of our finished dishes were already gone from table, we cam back to our conversation. - I wonder how does the other cities of beginning look like. If they exist... and I think they should.- I was definitely curious about it, because I would like to know, how big is that world. - Sooner or later we will know. By the way... I saw something weird. When I was talking with the elf girl, she said, that she is from Netherland... And she was talking in Pol... -

Nesti has jammed in half-word. Same as me, he opened his eyes widely. - We are not talking in Polish! I don't know what kind of language is that, but I know it same well, as Polish...- We both looked at each other surprised. We didn't even saw, that we are talking in other language. I went up with an idea. - Consol. Open overlap. Guide. - After calling out the proper command, a half visible window has appeared on front of me. I went to Table of contents, and searched for anything connected with word “language”. After a while of searching, I found “National language”.

After clicking the shortcut, the guide has skipped to around half. - From what they are typing over here, Game Development Company has created kind of language, which we start to use, after logging into game. It allows players, to actually communicate with each other, without a single problem. So that is something ne...-

In that moment, all of the conversations were cut in half. On front of every player, appeared a window with text “Administrator message”. Some people started to whisper with each other, about what they may want. The video clip has begun. On the beginning, the creator of the game has appeared. Some people actually recognized him.

- Welcome users of Diverion Online. I'm the creator of the game, same as the virtual reality helmet “MANY”. That message have on target to warn you all.. The world of Diverion is your new home. No one had heared wrong. From the moment, when the video window has appeared, we removed from your consoles the option to log out. Permanently. From now on, you became the citiziens of this land, as long, as someone won't finish the last quest, which you receive at the 150 level. One more thing. Who dies in the world of game... dies in real life. The helmet “MANY” after your death will create short circuit, which will cause your hear to stop, and will destroy your brain. From now on, 18 549 players, have on task. To finish the game, without dying. Don't take it as penalty. Treat it, as a reward. Helmets will keep your whole body alive, for the whole time you are in game, as well as keep your body metabolism in low condition, so you will be able to stay alive for long time. The battery, which is implemented in the machine, will allow you to survive a month, without power source, but the try of taking the helmet off your heads, will result you to die. One day for year, you will heave the possibility to contact with your families, with special item, which you will receive at the New Year Eve. At the midnight hour, it will disappear from you equipment for the duration of whole year. Your characters will be given back default look, so you will play as you from real life. Good luck. - Heart of every single player has stopped for a quick moment.

Everyone was looking at the empty space, where a while ago there was a message. I started to hear panic commands of people, trying to log off. In one moment, I realized the meaning of those words. I looked at Nesti. I grabbed his arm, and pulled him out of the tavern. He wasn't even resisting. He looked like him, from real life. I knew that the same thing happened to me. I stopped few meters away from tavern, turn to him, and bitch slapped him.

He woke up from the confusion. - But... why... we can't..? - His voice was crushing. I felt the same thing as him, but I knew, that it is not the time, to sit and cry. - That's why or fuck sake. If there is no enter, then we need to survive. We need to organize a group. Who we need it healer and archer. Look after the second one. - This was the only possibility to stay alive. Alone, we didn't had a big chance, because we didn't even knew how the game engine is working. I saw lot of people, running around without real purpose. How I though, half of the players were girls. I saw someone, sitting under one of the house walls, hiding face in hands. It was a girl, with healer class. I didn't wanted to be rude, and use her moment of weakness, but I just had to help. - We will meet at the huntsman house. -

I moved quickly to the girl. When I stopped just on front of her, I putted my hand at her arm. She looked a bit younger than me. I guess, around 15-16 years old. She looked up at me. I smiled to her, trying to don't show any fear. - There is nothing to worry about. Everything will be fine. - I tried to talk, how softly I could. She was only a bit smaller than me. Her long auburn hair were freely falling at her back. They could reach her waist. Her eyes were in the light green color. She looked friendly, due to her soft features.

Instantly, she hugged me, how hard she could. - I'm scared. - She cried. - Everyone is. The most important thing, is that now, we need to stick with each other, and fight for our safety.- I answered her. I gently hugged her. It was obvious, that she had to cry now, to clam down a bit. I know what she felt like. We were putted on front on the question, if we want to die right away, or if we want to give it a shot, and fight for our life. We stood like this, for good four minutes, before she stopped crying. - Can you... Can you promise me, that I will be safe? - I stiffened.

I didn't wanted to promise her something, what I won't be able to keep. I couldn't have forgot myself, if something bad would have happened to her. - Sadly... I can't. But I can promise, that I will give my best effort, to keep you safe. - I said. - I think... it should be fair enough for me. Thank you... really. - She answered, with already more calmed voice. I opened the console, and added her to group. When she accepted, I saw, that her name was Lotty. - We need to go. My friend is probably already waiting. - After those words, I grabbed her hand, and moved to the regroup place. She obediently followed me, squeezing my hand.

Finally we managed to break though that crowd of people, running around without single purpose. Nesti was already standing near Gerom house, with some boy, who had bow on his arm. Before anyone could say anything, I added the guy to group. - We need to buy horses, and off we go. As soon, as we will get some experience boost, we will be a bit safer. - After those words, I lead the way to stable. Lotty was still squeezing my hand. When I was few meters away, I heard NPC shouting after us – Good luck Wulfery! Be careful! - I looked at him for a second, and smiled weakly.

Nesti reached up to me. - Wulfy... I wanted to apologise, for that moemnt of weakness. That archers name is Alaus. He seems like organized dude, although, I'm not sure about it. - I didn't had time to look closer at the additional member of group. I will see, how useful he will be in fight. That is the most important part I think. - We will see, how useful he is. Now we don't have time for this. - When I finished my sentence, stable appeared on front of us.

Expect us, and the stable owner, there was no-one around. - Maybe we are the only one, who though about it... but I'm not sure about that. - I whispered to myself. We went to the owner. - Hello... Do you maybe have four horses, for me and my friends? The NPC turned to me. He looked closely at us, and went to the stable. Soon after that, he went out of it, leading four horses, already saddled up. All were in the same chestnut color. - Fifteen silver coins. - After those words, he pulled the open hand to me. I knew that I have enough money at me right now, so to don't waste time, I just gave it to him. Maybe later I will have some time, to talk about some payback for that from rest.

Stable-master gave me the control over horses, and went back to his old job, so sleeping at the chair. I quickly signed each horse, to proper member of team. - Let's don't waste more time. On horses and off we go. - After those words, I helped Lotty to settle down. Soon after, I was already on the horse. When we all were already ready, I grabbed the reins and lead the horse to the gate, leading out of village.

- We need to move away from the city, and look after some mobs, which will allow us, to actually gain some proper experience and gold. Sooner or later, rest will think the same way, and then breaking out of the early level would take ages, as every proper spawn point for mobs would be already controlled by other group. Hopefully we won't meet any Player Killers. Humans from nature are doing evil thins. Be careful, with who you trust. - I was sure, that community will soon get more organized, but at the moment, there are going to be massive fights. Probably lot of people will die, just because they went into argue with other nervous player. In cities, you can't fight with other people, but in wilderness, you may be attacked by a single moron, or by a whole bandit group.

We were already far from the city of beginning, although the forrest was going on unstopped. I saw a group of forest dryads on our left. I quickly pulled the reins to me, and stopped horse. After it, I jumped off, and went quickly to help Lotty. As we were all already on ground, I turned toward the archer companion. - You... Alaus right? Can you hit one of them, from this distance? - I asked him, during thinking over possible script of attack for dryads.

The boy seemed like older than me. He was dark haired, with slight beard. His eyes had intense green color. He wasn't same broad-shouldered as Nesti, though, definitely more than me. Even though, he was a bit smaller than me. - Without a single problem. It will be around one hundred meters. - After those words, he pulled him bow from his shoulder, and took one bow out of quiver. He put it on the string, and pulled to the limit.

After five seconds of aiming, the arrow went out with big speed, and loud whistle. I saw how it travels all the way, to finally hit our opponent right in the arm. Dryad turned toward us, and during summoning bunch of spells, run in our direction. I took a long step, to stand the ground on front of Lotty. Same did Nesti towards Alaus. We both placed our weapons in the defense position, blocking the incoming green mystic arrows. The dryad was getting closer with every single second, summoning more skills of the way.

When she was few meters on front of us, I pulled my heavy axe up, and took a quick swing from left, and Nesti tried to make quick stab with his dual-handed sword. Dryad blocked my attack with a spell, and summoned in the mean-time a boar, which took the hit of Nesti on itself. Over the arm of my friend, next arrow went all the short way, and hit Dryad in the other arm. Her life bar has went half the way down. In this moment, Dryad made impossibly quick turn towards me, and attacked with her claws.

Her whole body was made out of wood, expect hairs, which were leafs. Before I could even react, her attack reached me, and destroyed bit of armor, also leaving a long shallow injury. I didn't cared about it a lot, and made another swing at her from up this time. She wanted to make dodge, but Nesti stabbed directly her side. This has blocked her possiblity of move, for long enough, to let the axe dip in her head. After few seconds, she has dematerialized. Due to her attack, I lost ten percent of my life.

If I would have to deal with her alone, it would have probably end way worse than only that. I looked at Lotty with smile and asked. - Miss... will you be able to fix this injury pleas? I mean, the blood is kinda messing my armor! - She smiled back towards me, and started to heal my wound with special spell. When she was healing the wound, both my body and armor was getting re-constructed.

It's been few hours, since players were informed, that this land is their new world. From statistics, it seemed like over five hundreds of players were already dead. The moon was somewhere at the sky, but I didn't even wanted to search for it. I was looking at the campfire, which I had to keep going on, as it was defending us from the creatures, who were automatically getting focused, when we were around. Somewhere near camp, I could hear some little waterfall, which was only adding epicness to this moment. I could hear around as well hooting owl.

At least I had time to over think it all... I slowly started to understand, what has happened. It is possible, that we will stay here for a really long time. For now, we only reached level three, out of 150. It is really not a lot. And what more, with the raise of the level, amount of required experience will rise as well. Even though, that now, monsters were easy to beat up, with the passing of time, they will get more dangerous. I can only hope, that I will manage to get into some guild. It will either help me to survive, or kill me faster.

I started to think, about what I left in real life. Parents, few friends, uncleaned room, and probably turned on light in the dinning room. Funny. Even though, that I was separeted from this all, I couldn't even feel any kind of sadness. Parents never gave a lot of care about what I was doing. More were doing friends with who I was playing in the online games. Everyone was always busy doing something else, so I had to learn how to live alone.

Maybe... Diverion Online, was a new chance for me? Chance for a new life? To fix my mistakes? I has changed a lot, after only one day. From small kid, who always needed some help, into man. I have to decide sometimes, about really hard things. I gave Lotty promise, to keep her safe. This world is dangerous, but it allows me, to find in me, the side, which I always dreamed about.

I heard rustling. My eyes went to the source of the sound. Lotty had sit down, and look at me, with her sleepy eyes. - Sleep. I'm taking care over you all. - She smiled with appreciate, and went back to sleep.

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Ye. I mean, I had enough of this shit. For today, I was writing for 6 hours. 4 hours of retyping story in Polish, from notepad onto laptop, and fixing it, than 2 hours of translating it. If I would want to, I would have just added proper spaces/other stuff, and made it more clear to read, but I'm too exhausted.

Hope it will be easier to read now

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