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Guest ignas379

Oi there people !

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Guest ignas379

Hey guys, so i finally decided to join dayzrp, hoping to find here loads of fun, as i do really love rp and my whitelist application is already done, so i will just wait, meanwhile i would like to introduce myself a little bit more. Im an artist and musician do hell loads of stuff related to all that, so if somebody is interested or will be in need to artwork or music just pop me a message, will be ready to help or give advice !

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Hello there and good to have new people still joining. And now I shall post a generic "welcome" post.

Welcome to DayZRP.

Be sure to read and memorize the rules. You will need them in the future to avoid breaking the rules. For any additional information either see the forums or ask from staff members, they are more than happy to help. We also have a lot of guides that will provide help. I also urge you to check the clan forums to get yourself oriented on who is who in the hostile land of Chernarus and maybe find yourself a clan to join, if that's what you are into. Also in case of emergency feel free to look out for the staff. Ah and for technical issues the troubleshooting section is the place to look for many technical issues have been solved there.

Stay safe and enjoy your stay.

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Guest BoobManReub

Welcome, I'm sure you'll like it here. If you ever want to post any of your music or artwork feel free to do so in the Off-Topic forums, especially if you want some feedback

Any questions feel free to PM me and ask, I'm happy to help

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