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Fyodor Malikov ban appeal

Guest Boris Grigorev

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Guest Boris Grigorev

Now Rolle said that Fyodor was in game playing with Raizor. He was not, he was playing with Jerryski and Annando. Raizor was playing on the server by himself, unknown to the Fyodor, Annando, and Jerryski.

Yes they were on the same TS, but Fyodor was by himself in the admin channel because he was afk 80% of the time that he was on that day. Jerryski, Annando and some other members were in the Day Z channels of the TS, and Raizor was in the AFK channel of the TS. That is why Fyodor nor Annando or Jerryski did not know Raizor was playing, because he was not talking to them and Raizor was not in any of the Day Z channels.

If it is the same as the other bans, which have been lifted / reduced, does Fyodor not share the same fate?

Original thread: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-fyodor-malikov

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