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Forum ban appeal-Annando

Guest Boris Grigorev

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Speaking on behalf of Anando (He requested me to write this)

Im really tierd of the Admins ignoring me when i ask them why i got banned. Ive been trying to get help for at least one week poking admins in the teamspeak, all they say is " were busy" "ill pass on that" "Logics banned you i cant unban you". This is really annoying since i didnt do anythign to deserve it.

Tosme then has the nerve to say i got banned for badmouthing? wow.. When i try to login to my account it says " Your forum account is currently banned. Ban Reason: S-GRU

Ban will be lifted: Never"

Notice REASON S-GRU!! <----- not badmouthing

This is not me speaking; it is what Anando told me to insert.

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