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Bad version :(

Guest Baggex

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Well, I've tryed both 99515 and 99806 and none would let me through. I'm running also. I can't find the server through dayz commander, so I used to ingame browser.

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Download from here; http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php

Exec the setup with Admin rights

Open DayZComm, add the ip´s


Tested this way on both server´s [RP1 + Taviana] working @ 100%

Tried all of the above. Still not working :/ When version are installed DayZ Commander tells me the right versions and 1.62.95248 and that for some reason conserns me :P But my old server was running version 99515 and I'm still able to join that after the update. Don't know if that is helpful information.

Edit: So now I figured out I can't join my old servers again. Now I'm kind of stuck on nothing :P

Never mind. I'm in. After thinking about it, I thought DayZ Commander was the problem. So went around it and made a .cmd executable for [email protected] and it worked :P So I'm finally through. See you on the road ;)

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