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Tent Gone?? Any Help Please?? Cheers

Guest isfeidirlinn

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Guest isfeidirlinn

Hi all, only a few days playing the game so ive a fair bit to learn yet.

Just managed to get a tent after hours of trying, pitched her up, stocked her up with the vitals, then took my first trip up to Stary and the Airfield. Trekked all the way back looking forward to getting a fire going and cooking up the meat I had stored away and boom.... nowhere to be seen. doh!

Is this a common occurrence? its broke my heart a bit after all the effort to be honest!!

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I hate to be the bitch that says this, but welcome to alpha. Tents do disappear for what ever reason, it could be a glitch where you put it, or someone could have seen it and thought it was a good idea to run over it/hatchet it.

Not everyone is nice, and a lot of people will do stuff like that, so you have to make sure it's really well hidden.

Good luck finding another tent though! :)

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  • MVP

The cause of tent dissepearance are usually one of these:

1: Someone took a gun or hatchet to your tent

2: Someone drove it over with a vehicle

3: It was close/near a building and hit a glitch of some sort that destroyed it(litterly seen it happen)

4: Restart deleted the tent or its contents. Should not be as common now because of the save function not existing anymore, but it can still happen. I think.

5: You havent used your tent for 5 days(which is clearly not the case here)

6: Other random strange trololol-Alpha bug.

Tents are more reliable then they used to be in my experience, just dont put them near buildings or strange things can happen. I saw a building litterly eat one of the tents I put up once. It was very scary.

Hopefully it wont happen for you again.

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Guest isfeidirlinn

I was thinking the worst to be honest, ah well, guess shit happens in a zombie apocalypse eh!! Thanks, ill hope for the best with the next one, cheers

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