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DayzRP SA Rules list brainstorm thread!

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Alright, lets get some ideas out for standalone rules. I've highlighted in green the rules that can still apply in the current state of the game. (Obviously we can't make roadblocks yet.)



RP - Role Playing

IC - In Character

OOC - Out Of Character

GM - Game Master

NLR - New Life Rule, death of your character removes any previous memory, knowledge (in relation to event that lead to your death), gear and revenge rights your character had.

KoS - Kill on Sight, killing a person without a valid RP reason or without making proper contact.

RDM - Random Deathmatch, killing a person AFTER making contact but with improper initiation, when it wasn't necessary etc.

CL - Combat Log, logging off from game to avoid getting killed/hurt/losing gear during a hostile event or avoiding immediate player - player interaction.

NEW RULE - new or modified rules are highlighted in green.

1. Be fair and reasonable

This rule is very ambiguous, but generally covers all behavior that is unwanted by the staff on the server and forums. This includes but is not limited to hacking, duping, exploiting, ghosting, loot cycling, griefing, trolling, advertising, insulting others OOC, being racist or otherwise unpleasant to fellow players. Treat other players the way you would like to be treated in a role playing environment. Always prioritize roleplay over ruleplay.


Placing tents or stashes underwater, in rocks, buildings or in any other normally not accessible or possible locations is considered an exploit.

If you have any doubts about a certain action that may be conflicting with this rule, please ask a Game Master before executing the action.

2. Stay in character

This is a roleplaying server; you are required to role play your character at all times. You also need a proper roleplaying name in game - first and last name is required. Read more here.

Kidnapping, torture, interrogation, execution, roadblocks, checkpoints, capturing or claiming an area for a clan and similar actions are allowed as long as they are lead in RP manner and do not conflict with other rules.

We use a partial New Life Rule (NLR) implementation. When you die you lose memories surrounding the event that led to your death - that means running back to your body after dying is forbidden. However, you keep the knowledge about your clan, friends, enemies and other people that you’ve met before that event.

Acquiring information from outside the game which your character wouldn't otherwise have access to is forbidden, just like any other form of metagaming or godmodding.

If you change skins or otherwise conceal your identity you immediately lose all previously gained KoS/Revenge rights.

Radio communication is only allowed if you are holding a radio item in your inventory. Using any form of distance communication without one is considered metagaming.

3. No Killing on Sight

You have to make contact with the target before initiating a hostile action against it. Contact is made when the player has responded to or otherwise acknowledged your message.

You must explicitly state your intention to commit a hostile action or inform the victim of the consequences of non-compliance. You must also explicitly state each demand or order before you can harm the victim for non compliance.

Do not kill the victim if he is complying or you have no good reason to execute them (grudge, previous hostilities etc).

You can take revenge for a hostile action taken against you for 2 hours from the time hostile action was taken, as long as it does not conflict with the other rules.


Always confirm your target; if uncertain about a players identity it's better to hold fire than to risk KoS.

You are alone and get robbed by bandits; you try to fight back but get killed. You contact your team mates on TeamSpeak and give them the details about the bandits that killed you. Your team mates find and kill the bandits on sight in revenge. You and your teammates get banned, receive a banstrike and a character reset for metagaming.

4. Clan conflicts

All members, including those who are either prospective members or trials must wear their clans XML's at all times.

KoS rights can only be transferred between clan members or those who are directly involved. Allies and hired help can be called in as reinforcements, but they must initiate hostilities in the normal way before they can use force. It works the other way as well, the defending clan only has KoS rights on the original attackers, anyone else - like their allies - must be initiated on.

5. Identification

You can only identify other players using in character knowledge like:

Voice (only if you have spoken to/heard that player before)

If the player tells you his name through text chat. You are not allowed to use his in game name from the chat, as this is out of character information provided by the game.

Option 'Study Body' which translates to finding some sort of documents with name and clan affiliation (you may use player list to check clan affiliation) of the deceased.

Mandatory clan and group skins or badges that show up on certain skins and vehicles. You can use zmmytzkm in your app. XML tag of a player can be used in case the badge is not shown on a skin.

You may lie about your identity by typing other name than your actual in-game name in text chat, but the other party has a right to not believe you and try to figure out your real name using any other in character knowledge.

6. Player settlements

CR - Camp Representative, a member of the group that are the owners of a settlement. A list of current settlements and their owners can be found here.

By entering a settlement you accept all rules enforced by the owners in the settlement thread and enter at your own risk. Failure to follow their rules can be freely punished by CRs.

You may be denied entrance to a settlement, disarmed or ordered to leave. You do not receive KoS rights on any players in the settlement because of these or similar hostile actions.

Trespassers and attackers can be shot on sight by all settlement inhabitants. The trespassers clan does not receive KoS rights on players inside the settlement, you have to properly initiate a hostile action for that.

During an attack on a settlement, the attackers must provide an option for innocent bystanders inside a settlement to surrender or safely leave the area.

The commotion inside the settlement (running, hiding) caused by a hostile initiation cannot be a subject to retaliation on the ground of not complying. Attackers only receive KoS rights after those willing to surrender have done so or if settlement habitants clearly are not going to comply by either announcing it in text/voice or by committing a hostile action.

Logging in or out within a 100m radius of a settlement centre is considered ghosting when done by non CRs.


If a CR demands that your behaviour in the settlement is inappropriate (for example you refuse to lower your weapon) you can get chloroformed, disarmed, removed from settlement and denied future entry or even killed without initiation if CRs consider it necessary.

A settlement gets attacked, you surrender and get ordered to leave the compound by slowly walking out unarmed. You follow all the instructions yet you are killed by the attackers because of an action of someone else in the settlement - RDM punishable offence.

7. Roadblocks

Roadblocks are necessary if you are planning on creating a checkpoint or a hold up for vehicles on asphalt roads. You don't need roadblocks on dirt roads and off-road.

You must ensure your initiation message reaches the vehicle while it approaches the roadblock. The vehicle will need to slow down/stop to hear and comply with your demands.

Roadblock is considered appropriate when it takes at least 75% width of a road. Roadblock may be constructed using vehicles, tank traps, sandbags etc or in game objects. Roadblock should force the car to either go off-road or slow down to less than ~40 km/h. The speed of a vehicle should be slow enough to allow full initiation message to be heard (yelling a single word "Stop" is not a proper initiation).

Roadblock needs to be visibly manned during the initiation. During night time the roadblock should be lit up by a flare or a fire during the initiation.

8. Supplemental rules

Supplemental rules and rule clarifications can be found on our Wiki. You should be familiar with those clarifications and exceptions before joining our servers.

Breaking the rules

1. False reports

Creating a formal report is a serious matter as it is publicly accusing other player(s) of breaking the server rules. When creating a formal report please keep in mind to provide all relevant details. False reports containing any of the following will be dealt with swiftly and harshly:

- You lie about any details in the report.

- You choose to skip any details that may change the outcome of a report.

- You create a report to blackmail other players and/or demand your items or vehicles to be given back in exchange for dropping the report.

If you are uncertain if any rules have been broken create a Report Discussion thread instead and describe the situation.

2. Punishments

GameMaster’s choice of punishment for rule-breaking includes but is not limited to:

- In game Bans

- Forum warnings

- Character reset

- Forum or Teamspeak Bans

Punishment choice and punishment combinations are decided by the GM handling the report. However, before dealing the punishment, the report needs to be reviewed by at least one additional senior GM or admin. GM's common sense will be used when handling reports.

The max warning points is 30. Every in game ban, regardless of severity grants you 10 warning points, so called "Ban Strike". 3 strikes and you're out - permanent bans are issued both in game and on the forums. All warnings, including ban strikes last for a month, afterwards they expire.

If an admin decides that you can't or won't roleplay properly, follow the rules, act maturely or otherwise behave inappropriately your whitelist and/or account may be revoked/permanently banned at any time without any warning.



Listing of things that could be considered a hostile action.

Force fed rotten fruit or inedible objects/fluids


Burlap Sacking (kinky)

Hostile intent ("I will shoot you if you don't...")

Stealing blood

Injecting wrong blood type


Needle jabbing

Redefining initiations and robberies (To incorporate new emotes)

"Put your hands up!"

*Middle finger, hands up*

*shoots* "He gave me the finger"

Is this acceptable? Why or why not?

What do you guys see as being conflicting with the current DayzRP Mod rules, when overhauled to the standalone?

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This should be required to read if applying to be whitelisted.

would have saved me my first few accidental bans +1

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This should be required to read if applying to be whitelisted.

would have saved me my first few accidental bans +1

It -is- required to read

Which pretty much explains your first few accidental bans.

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This should be required to read if applying to be whitelisted.

would have saved me my first few accidental bans +1

It -is- required to read

Which pretty much explains your first few accidental bans.

i've been on here since august i read the rules on the page.

this is way more detailed and i only found the detailed rules on wiki after i realised there are way more rules. its good to see it on the forums

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These are pretty good, but I'd wait for the admins and Rolle to put up an official version.

Also this is good to clear up some things, such as possible hostile actions.

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These are pretty good, but I'd wait for the admins and Rolle to put up an official version.

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Did you guys not read the title? "Brainstorm thread" as in give ideas and opinions on what he has said. It's obvious this is not an official version just something we as the community should be apart of and offer help with.

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Some good Ideas!

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Interesting thing about the wrong blood type thing - is that really KoS? What if you make a mistake? How will you prove it wasn't your intention to give the wrong blood type?

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This will prolly not work out at the moment.

Playing on the DayZRp standalone server is pretty much like any other death-match server ( talking from own experience ofcourse)

Me and my friend has been playing alot on the standalone server lately and from our experience its "kill or be killed"

Im gonna give an example.

Me and my friend arrives unarmed ( new spawned with 1 axe each ) to the Military base close to Zelenogorsk.

As we entered the area i basically ran into a fully geared, military-looking guy.

He aimed at me and i was yelling in comms " Im unarmed and im starving, can i find something to eat if i drop my axe?" and ofcourse my axe was on my back the whole time.

He didn't say anything so i asked him to talk louder..

Now he replies some random stuff on German.

As i tell him i don't know german he just walks off into the Baracks ( where his 2 other friends are hiding )

At this point they haven't seen my friend yet.

Since i get no answer and im close to dying from starvation i write in Comms " Can i find something to eat before i leave if i drop my axe on the ground?"

... no answer.

Now my friend walks up to the baracks ( with a construction helmet on his head and NO other equipment at all exept the normal clothes.)

This is what he says and do..

Raises his hand " This is an offlimit area, please leave immediately!"

The armed guys answer with shooting him full of M4 bullets...

As i see this i turn around to run away, and one of the armed guys stands infront of me shooting me in the head.

At this point i go out of character and writes how incredibly stupid they are and they shouldn't be allowed on a RP server.

The answer i get is "lol" and nothing else.

This is one of many times we stumbled upon other players on the Standalone server.. we probably had 7-8 encounters with others, one of them insta-logged, another one we helped out getting a weapon.

But the other encounters has been hostile ( from their part before we shoot back)

I messaged a Gamemaster about this and he said that they can't do anything yet to prevent this on the Standalone server.. sadly

So basically its just useless trying to have a friendly approach and instead just be hostile on sight ( If you don't like respawning ofc )

That's my story on Standalone server! :)

I play DayZrp because i want the roleplay-factor while playing, so its sad to see how people interact with eachother.

DayzRp mod = working rules, players follow the rules

DayzStandalone = almost 100% deathmatch

So please, get a working set of rules up on the Standalone server and i bet more 'n more will play it.


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My suggestion is this...

In any designated base, settlement deemed a official settlement, or in a safe zone, all guns and/or melee weapons shall be holstered or slung over one's back unless in a hostile confrontation with either of the following: Bandits, Zombies, or players trying to start a fight.

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As we keep saying to chaps. (This is to the fellow wanting the rules out right now, not the OP).


Alright. Cleared that up.

Now...When we -do- get tools, we shall produce an official ruleset.

Alrighty? Goodie.

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Guest neom

I'll wait till the staff come up with guidelines and rules

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Ill wait for staff to come up with it :P

I think were a long way off SA RP at the moment sadly

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Ill wait for staff to come up with it :P

I think were a long way off SA RP at the moment sadly

Yeah, Voodoo is right, but when SA becomes a viable source for RP. I am confident our Dayzrp Staff will deliver the "goods" so to speak :)

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I think the rules should stay the same as they are now :/ after all they are for pretty much for the same game.

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