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Help I have low fps and I don't think I should.

Guest Jack NZ

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Guest Jack NZ

Hi my computer has 4 gb of ram and quad processor

When I am in days I have 1gb of ram free and I am using 4% of my cpu.

But I am on 10-12 fps in the forest and in city 8-6. Does any one know how I can have improved fps

(tried fiddling with Graphics in game changed from high to low no difference.)

Please post any suggestion/solutions that have worked for you or someone else I would really like to play smoothly.

Thanks in advance Jack.

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  • Emerald

try the medium settings and get rid of shadows, i had a simular issue and all i did was turn shadows off and i got full FPS

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Guest Spesivtsev

The game is kind of funny with settings for instance:

Having everything on normal it will draw almost all power from the CPU

Having a mixture of High and normal settings it will use power from both

My computer has an old CPU but a decent GPU

The game runs terribly with everything set to normal but if I have almost everything on high it runs ok.

It's messed up I know but it works

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Guest WaltteriH

Post processing off. Every other settings high/very high. i5 3450 and GTX 660 accomppanied with 32Gb if RAM costs 999€. Buy a new PC (thise settings and 75FPS in towns)

E: That is the estimated value, due to the fact i build and sell gaming computers.

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Guest Jack NZ

Removed shadows in forests 15-20 fps now thanks.

Ahh if only I lived in Europe New Zealand is hell with prices.

Mate of mine purchased 12gb ram 3.2ghz octecore cost $2500

(Wow spell checker here say Zealand is not a word -_-*)

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