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Favorite DayZRP Staff Member?

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Who is your favorite DayZRP staff member? I have to say my top 3 are

1: Rolle

2: Caesar

3: Alfie (Get absolutely Turbo conflonked)

Those are my favorite 3 but who are yours?

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I don't think there should be a thread like this. It will make other staff members feel left out :(

Btw, where did Caesar even go?

Mine would be:




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I'm pretty sure there is already a thread similar to this?

But I'll go ahead and give you my top three anyho.

1. Tomeran (amazing lore and generally the most creative and amazing staff member eva) <3

2. Elissa (An amazing roleplayer and has a very impressive way of dealing with reports) also where's she gone?

3. Gijs (Oh wait) :'( o7

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Hofer, he always knows how to tell me nice things:

Worst birthday ever.



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1. Sin

2. Elissa

3. Zhunk

In all honesty, I enjoy and appreciate each and every of the staff members for putting up with a bunch of commotion so that we can enjoy our self's and they provide us with a fully working server to entertain us, and they do all of this for free. So once more, thank you staff members present and past for your hard work and dedication. o7

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As many above us has pointed out, there is already a feedback thread for staff :)

Also; Leaving so many people out isn't fair to anyone. Please redirect to the feedback thread found under General Discussion.


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