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Just Applied For Whitelist!

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Hello everyone! Just applied for the whitelist and I really hope I can join in and be a great member of the RP community!

If you want my character's backstory here it is! Enjoy!

I, Yuri was once a proud owner of Volkov Industries. This company, inherited from my father Elexi, was in the business of building, buying, and selling guns and ammunition. Then, the zombie outbreak hit, I was lucky to have a bunker with food, water, survival gear, and textiles. I wrote every day, in my journal, about what i could hear through the locked door. The horror of it all, I remember the knocking of a man and his family outside but I had a family of my own to look after. My wife Anna begged me to let them in but i was not about to risk all that we went through for 4 helpless people. I remember the screams and covering my son's ears to attempt to shroud him from the horror. But I could not deny reality. A few months past and we ventured out side. The entire area was desolated and I grabbed my gun to look around. My family stayed behind, a mistake I should have never over looked. The zombies. They got in. I killed them all, there were only 3... It was then that I knew. My family was dead, and I left an outcast in the vast hell hole of Chernaurus. I buried them out side the back of the house... but before that... I had to finish the job. I had been one of the worlds most notorious gun dealers, a hardened criminal. But no man should have to put bullets into the heads of the ones they loved. A few weeks passed and I was beginning to run out of supplies so I took what little food, water, and ammunition I had, and of course my journal embedded with a picture of my dead family. I took my gear. And I set out among the dead, waiting... for a new journey.

Hope you enjoyed,

Yuri 'Keiser' Volkov

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A lovely read. Hopefully the admin reviewing your application feels the same way about the story! Hope to see you accepted soon my friend <3

Feel free to PM me if you need any assistance with anything.

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Guest whitepointer

Best of luck mate, i'm sure you'll get in!

Remember to stay active on the forums, i heard it helps :D

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