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José Dionisio

can you help me?

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Guest Pandi

Hey José, when you say safe place, do you mean in-game were you are not going to interact with anyone?

If so just run in a forest and hide in a bush, then log out. Make sure no one is following you though.

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Theres no "true" safe place in DayZRP. Your always subject to getting robbed at random times.

Some tips to make yourself safe:

-Make friends, more people you know, safer you'll be.

-Stay in large populated areas. Areas like Pobeda dam, where lots of people go is always a good place to be safe, as the sheer numbers will defeat any attackers/robbers.

In this world, safe is just a word. Haha good luck!

If you are talking about safe places to log out, just be away from any other players. Dont log out in places that you may log in right next to someone.

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Nowhere is safe. (Like said above)

If you have any further questions, feel free to PM a community helper!


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