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Rogério SkyLab

The Elektrozavodsk Guardian

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Now there is a guardian at Elektra. He is called Lone Wolf. He have a safety location at East of Elektra, were he stands and wait for new survivors. He is the holy protector. He wears white clothes and a white turban. He usually uses an M4A3 CCO, and he will help anyone he come across. He can also be found in Stary Sobor Trader City, when he is in need of something.

He will rescue survivors in danger, and he will always try to kill the bandits. Be aware you human race traitor, you won't be good in his hands. If you are a survivor, and needs help, go to Elektrozavodsk. He is always watching. Be careful, because he can see you, but you can't see him.


Here is the Lone Wolf in the middle of nowhere


Here he is feeding (NOT KILLING) the cow


Here he is looking at the horizon, waiting for something to happen


And here he is doing nothing


Out Of Roleplay: This is going to be a type of series, that i will make videos (MAYBE) of me guarding the city.

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Sounds like a fun time! Will head down to Elektro to meet you sometime! Good luck!

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