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Self defence?

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

While i have not been whitelisted yet, i hope i will eventually.

However, my question is as follows;

If you are being robbed by someone, and they are threatening your life, are you allowed, if able, to shoot them before they can rob you? Imagine you are casually strolling through the North West airfield, minding your own business, when three well-dressed gentlemen walks up behind you, points their guns at you, and yells at you to get the F*** down. Are you then allowed to disobey their orders, turn around, and pop a cap in them? Or does that count as RDM?

Just curious! :-)

Cheers, Gubi.

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Guest MonkeyMadness

If they say to you Drop your guns or you will be dropped, Then yes you can turn round and shoot them.

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When someone initiates (And remember a proper initiation in DayZRP requires an action and consequences. "Drop your weapon" isn't an initiation but "Drop your weapon or I'll blow your head off" is.) you gain KOS rights on them.

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If they state demands that seem hostile and will force you to do something against your will, you are allowed to shoot them.

Make sure it is hostile though, not just "Oh you're stupid" he called me stupid now I can shoot him. No.

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If someone tells me: "Drop your weapons", I kill him. I dont wait for consequences.

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If someone says

" Drop Your Weapons " that would be a false initiation and you would be able to report them for RDM and False Intiation if they kill you


if they say " Drop Your Weapons or you will be shot you have 10 seconds " I would suggest doing it because they can kill you if you turn around or dont comply

If you are looking at the person and they initiate just shoot them in the face :D but then you dont know if they are in a clan and dont have friends in the trees waiting to shoot you in the face

If you have your gun lowered and they initiate and there gun is raised to your face .... i would suggested pressing Z and dropping to the ground shooting like crazy :)

and then theres me playing dayzrp and a guy walks up to me and asks about the dead guy next to me...

him - " how did he die "

me - " I was taking a walk "

him - " ok then ill be off then "

good Roleplay session there :D

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Yes you are allowed like the above speakers said, but think about:

Are you really that bad ass? Would you dont do what they tell you if you are alone and have 3 guns pointed at your head? Would you risk your life for that? I dont think so! It would be "No value for your own life" or BadRp.

Let´s make another Example: You are at the Airfield, your friends are in cover and have overwatch.

3 guys come to you and want you to drop your stuff, YOU and YOUR friends can try to kill them. That would be perfectly fine in my opinion. You are not alone and in this case you and your friends would control the situation.

This is a roleplay Server. Try to Roleplay it out. Do what they want and if you are lucky you will have a really awesome roleplay-session you will not forget.

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