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Damned (Steam Game) Gameplay!

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Hi guys! Anyone heard of this game?

I am not a horror guy myself, I hate suspense, I hate the feeling of being watched, but in Damned, you are able to play with 4 of your friends! One of them being a monster of course!

It's pretty funny, trying to avoid the monster and escape from whatever map you chooses.

Here is a little "gameplay" of me playing for the first time without any crashes (Woo, yea the game is in early-access so it crashes a lot atm)

*In the gameplay, I was playing alone, that just goes to show how great the community is! (Sometimes)


Thanks for Vulric for gifting me this game!

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Iv had this game for ages and nobody speaks of it then within 2 days theres been 3 threads about it wheres the hype come from :P

But yeah this games bloody great its only problem is that you cant play it for ages as it gets easily repetitive.

But for a once a week thing you cant beat it when playing with your friends :P

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Lol you were on the game all day yesterday!

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Guest Pandi

When you went around the wardrobe and tried to confuse him, then it turns out he came round the way you ran, I jumped out my seat, ahaha.

And when you shut the door in the toilets and he just comes out of no where and you shout mercy, hahaha.

I really enjoyed this video, do more please!

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