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Kataib al-Khoul (Caucasian Front) Propaganda and IC RP Thread

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// This thread is for IC communication to our group, aswell as us posting up our propaganda videos, please feel free to contribute and we will respond ASAP :)!

*Saladin shuts the generator off, closes his old laptop and gets up out of his folding chair and calmly walks over to the fire pit where Aariz and Yaseen are sitting down*

*Saladin pauses salutes and announces*

"My Emir's I have the video you requested, the infidels will know our might and fear our wrath. ALLAHU AKBAR"

*Saladin hands over a VHS Tape*

"The time has come my brothers! This tape contains Allah's wrath against the infidel group The Rogue Initiative, Allahu Akbar!"

*Yaseen makes a gesture to Aariz to start up the helicopter*

*The surrounding men all chant "Allahu Akbar" as they board the helicopter*

*Yaseen pushes the tape into the helicopters makeshift VHS player and TV screen, eager for the video to further inspire his men. The TV crackles as he hits play. The video kicks into life*


// Expect more videos to come in the near future as I'm back full swing into video editing!

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*After the al-Khoul have finished watching the tape, Vladimir takes it out of the VHS player and puts it in his bag.*

"My brothers, i shall take this tape and take it to The Rogues Initiatives base, so they can see what we are capable of, and so they know what happens when they fuck with us! ALLAHU AKBAR!!!*

*The entire room shouts "ALLAHU AKBAR!!!"*

*Vladimir leaves in his ural and heads towards The Rogue Initiatives home.*

"The door is locked... i suppose i will just leave this here."

*He leaves the tape on the floor at the front door, and starts heading towards the al-Khoul base.*

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Guest whitepointer


For Allah!

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Guest Pandi

*Faarax watches over green mountain, as he spots a helicopter fly past.*

*He grabs his binoculars and spots the logo, it appears to be al-Khoul.*

"Father, come look at the helicopter quickly!"

*The Warlord approaches.*

"Pass me them binoculars, NOW!"

"Yes father!"

*Faarax passes his father the binoculars.*

*The Warlord stares into the binoculars, he memorizes the logo on the helicopter.*

"Son, tell everyone we are leaving."

"Yes father."

*As Faarax gets in the car, he notices a bit of paper on the floor, it turns out to be a picture, of what seems to have came from the helicopter.*

*Faarax has a quick glance at this picture, he shoves it in his pockets and carry's on with what he was doing.*

*The Somalian Death Squad travel in to the sunset.*

//I thought this thread was a brilliant idea, I really look forward to meeting al-Khoul in-game. This was just a short lead up to a story when we do eventually meet you in-game.

I also wasn't sure if this was necessary in this thread, if not I can remove it. :)

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Guest whitepointer

//I thought this thread was a brilliant idea, I really look forward to meeting al-Khoul in-game. This was just a short lead up to a story when we do eventually meet you in-game.

//I really wish we could meet ingame, would be an experience to remember. Unfortunately it is almost impossible for this to happen due to timezones. However, one day... just one day.. it might.

//We could all wake up at 5am! fun times!

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At the Outpost, a few mats are brought into the boathouse, some of the seating arrangements adjusted and the small rugs placed near the back window which looked out onto the east. It wasn't a great gesture, but he had, after all, spoken to one of the men who had said they used the house from time to time when in the area for their daily prayers, and finding a prayer rug would definitely be difficult in such a place. A small scrap of cardboard from an old box is taped onto the wall beside them, with the best spelling he could muster of "Wa alaykumu s-salam wa rahmatullah" along with an apology if it wasn't exactly how it was meant to be presented in text.

Small things, yes, but hopefully enough to allow for a bit more comfort to be had.

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Our enemies may think we have been defeated by the recent attacks, but we shall rise above and destroy all who stand in our way, allahu akbar!

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*Saladin Takes out his Camera*

"Haha Zafir take a picture of this scumbag"

*Saladin kneels down next to the corpse and looks at the patch on his uniform*

*Continues to search corpse and finds an ID with the name James "Ghost" Carter*

"This Motherfucker is part of The United Irish Pussies!"

*unclips his Butchers Cleaver and cuts the patch off of the corpses Uniform.. Then Carves KHOUL deep into the Corpses Forehead*

"Here Zafir put this on the photo you take"

*Hands Zafir the ID and Patch*

*Saladin then poses next to the corpse*



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*Saladin grins as he walks into the camp and turns the generator on*

*Pushing the Video tape he holds in his hand gently into the VHS player*

*Yells out*

"Haha MEN! come watch! this is how much of a pussies the UI are!"


*The men race over and Saladin presses Play*


*Turns to his men once the video is finished*

"what do you think?"

*Saladin puts his hand in his jacket and calmly pats his cleaver.. Almost daring one of his men to say its anything but good*

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