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Hero 227

New to the game

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Hello all i hope to play with all you people soon i was wondering is their any tips for a newbie like myself and anything more i should need to know thanks!

ps is their anything i should need to know about server bugs or what not thanks again!

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Guest BoobManReub


Remember to stay in character. You will probably find it awkward the first couple of times you RP in character but you'll get used to it fast. Remember it's not about the gear, it's about the experiences. Have you submitted your application yet?

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First of all, this should be moved to the Joining/Leaving thread.

Anyway, welcome to the server! There are many helpful guides on the forums that will truly help your roleplay and will make an overall better experience for you! Here's some:

-Tomeran's guide for Better Roleplaying

-FruitPunchG's Guide for Newcomers

-Ego's Guide for newcomers

The main point all of these threads touch at one part, is that you have to fit your character. Be yourself, think of what it would be like if you were in your characters shoes.

At the moment there are very few bugs, the servers are pretty much back to normal. Enjoy your time here, and good luck!

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Moving to Joining/Leaving

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Welcome Hero!

Hopefully you get accepted and perhaps I'll see you in-game sometime:)

If you need any help or would like to ask some questions about the server then feel free to PM me, I'm happy to help

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Thanks to everyone who gave feedback i really appreciate it hope to see you all soon if i get accepted !

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