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Guest Dargoth Fallen

Greeting to all !

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Guest Dargoth Fallen

Hello everyone i ve been looking up DayZ for quite some time now .

I tried also another server to get a picture of how things are ingame,yet nothing like this server .

Used to play a lot of MMO's and always liked the RP aspect of each game

so reasonably i was drawn to this server ...

Playing the game with meaning is what makes gamers differ from each other and am glad i found an organised community that respects RP policies.

Can't wait to go online and interact with you all..Even though am familiar with rp rules and a bit about dayZ i consider my self a newbie

so i hope i can fit well in the community .

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Well the best of luck. Most new players fit well within the community if they follow the rules. I think you'd be ok.

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Guest Pandi

Hey man, Welcome to DayZRP!

If you have any future questions, feel free to PM me or any of the staff members for help.

Good luck with your whitelist application and I hope to meet you in game soon!

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