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Guest Number0230

Hello and whatnot

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Guest Number0230

Hello all, I stumbled upon your server while trying to find a decent alternative to the normal DayZ experience. I haven't RP'd in a while and doing something other than fantasy actually sounds fun.

So a little about me...

- 30 years old

- Lives in Seattle, WA but from Illinois

- Introvert and not much of a forum poster, so I hope that's not an absolute must. I generally don't have much to say on forums, I prefer in game chats

- I typically play RPGs, action, or adventure games. FPS have to have something special to get me interested.

Other than that I'm not sure what else to say, so here's hoping I get to meet you all in game...

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Guest whitepointer

Nice to meet ya mate, best of luck whilst here.

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