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How Chernarus Live "Works"

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Well, i was lurking around the forum, and i came to this question, how does Chernarus Live Radio Station works? Like, how do i know it is tranmittings? When do they transmit? How do I listen to it? And questions like that. Does the "settlement" exist? In what server?



(retired from the RADIO forum topic)

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The settlement was there, however im pretty sure it isn't anymore because the broadcasters stopped doing it. More info is at http://www.dayzrp.com/t-chernarus-live-radio-inactive-will-return-eventually

Hope i helped :)

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Well, as one of the show's "reporters" so to say, I'd be more than happy to answer these questions!

The Chernarus Live station is owned and operated by the Chernarus Live Broadcasters (( You may see us from time to time with the tag [CLB] while the station is active. )), and is located North of Kabanino, next to a gas station, but the main attraction is all of the antennas needed to operate our equipment. (( As far as I know, since the station is currently inactive, the station exists on none of the servers, however Rolle and the devs may implement it again here soon. ))

While I'd like to think that we're always broadcasting, we're limited by the fact that we run out of stories, as well as the fact that we have to gather supplies from day to day. (( To listen to the broadcasts, go the to main CLB forum page, and click on one of the broadcast links towards the bottom. They're pre-recorded segments, but we pretend that we're transmitting them live while we record them. ))

Should you have any questions, feel free to send a letter down to us, and I'm sure one of us will get around to answering eventually! (( If you'd like to know anything else, feel free to post here or question one of us directly, and it'll get answered no problem. ))


Jesse Thorpe

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Here is a direct link to the previous broadcast (Which is obviously outdated)


I am unsure if the radio station is still in game, but you can venture out and see for yourself!

- Radio Page


Edit: Also what ExiledGamer said :)

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