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It was late, nearly pitch black. Getting towards midnight. I'd set up my sleeping arrangements an hour or so before, a green poncho slung low between some trees with some tough cord to keep the rain away. It wasn't exactly a five-star setup but it kept the rain off and was easy to pack away if I had to dash. I felt comfortable out here in the dark. I'd removed my jacket and spread it across the floor, dismantling my Kalashnikov the way I'd been taught as a youngster. I laid out each part carefully, saying their names in my head as I went. Top cover, recoil spring, bolt assembly. I wiped down each part with my last clean rag, methodically scrubbing away at the built-up carbon from my recent firefights.

The bandits had tracked me for a few days, attacking periodically, trying to catch me off-guard. At first I thought I could ward them off with a few warning shots, but after the first day of being harassed I realised I'd have to kill them to make them leave me alone. I like being left alone.

Once each part of the rifle felt clean, I began to lightly oil them. The quiet, methodical task made a nice change to the recent chaos and bloodshed. After finishing with the oil, I shook the bottle to check how much I had left. I was running low, and that meant another supply run. Supply runs were quite enjoyable for me. I enjoyed outsmarting the shambling infected and taking what I needed from the ruins of the old world. If I ever passed through a settlement I'd usually hire myself out for scavenging runs. It meant I didn't have to hang around or talk to anyone there for too long.

I slowly reassembled my weapon, loading a full magazine into it and chambering a round. I'd dealt with the bandits early on but it didn't mean they hadn't been able to contact any friends they might have. I folded the stock on my rifle, put my jacket back on and slipped into the relative safety of my little shelter. I hugged the Kalashnikov close and drifted into a slightly uneasy sleep on the hard ground, with only my backpack for a pillow.

Tomorrow was a new day, with new challenges. I was an outcast in the old world, but here and now I was what was necessary. A scavenger. A killer. A survivor.

C&C welcome, wrote this quickly before going to sleep. Might write a bit more if people enjoy it.

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