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Server time (UTC): 2023-02-07 04:42


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  • MVP

Well, the server restarts at 10pm Server Time so you should have waited or parked, locked the car and logged off?

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  • Emerald

Check the last location before you started driving.

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The server was literally just updated with a new patch, adding in the player settings.

It caused de-sync and the server to brake, they are working on a fix now.

Check down the road from where you were driving before restart, it could be down the road or something.

Good luck on finding it.

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  • Legend

....rollback or classic arma. Happens m8 just steal someone elses to pass the pain :D

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The car wasn't locked, i didn't see any restart mensages in the chat, them it just restarted suddenly and i was driving. When i logged in again, it vanished.

Unfortunately their was no restart messages, SDS and myself only knew their was a restart because we remember all the restart times.

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  • Emerald

I'm sorry to hear that but our policy is to not retrieve anything that was lost due to bugs - we have planty of logical reasons to support this policy, if you wish to know them feel free to ask. Good luck in the future and I hope that Arma won't strike again.

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