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Skin/Rule Clarification


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Let's say I'm in a hostile situation, any where I'd need to wait 15 minutes to log out.

At this time I am wearing a donator skin, for reasons of deception or such I log to the lobby and switch to a different donator skin and return to the server.

I know I lose KoS rights by doing this and I would have to re-initiate, but is this something that is allowed to be done?

Basically, do I need to wait 15 minutes to switch Donator skins? And then even if I wait 15 minutes is switching to another donator skin allowed or this some sort of power/meta-gaming.

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  • Legend

Im not completely sure on this I think it should be allowed as long as you don't abuse it and tink you still have KoS on someone.

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  • Emerald

I would say yes. After 15 minutes you may switch skin but you lose all KOS rights. But, people who may have KOS rights on you keep them. And can use any means to confirm your identity even if your skin doesn't show XmL, as all skins are supposed to.

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  • Sapphire

Well, I honestly don't see a huge problem, I mean... If you switch from a donor skin to an in-game skin after gaining KoS on someone, that's allowed. So - I don't see why it's not the same... But it does conflict with the combat logging rule, so yeah, I don't know.

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Guest BoobManReub

Personally I think it's too risky, because you might log off and then someone else might fill up the server, or your game might crash on log out, which will technically mean you've combat logged. I don't think it should be against the rules but I wouldn't recommend it, because of the possible combat-logging accusations

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  • Legend

If you're in a hostile situation, or someone has KoS rights on you, you need to break line of sight for 15 minutes before logging out or changing skins.

If you log out, but remain connected to the server (drop down to the lobby), you will not lose your slot. But if someone is hot on your tail and you log out, they may have passed you by the time you log back in, so there's a danger of being accused of combat logging if you're changing skin within 15 minutes of initiation. Same goes for in game skins that don't require you log out - skins are used for identification, because facial recognition, etc. doesn't really work well in Arma, but in real life, you'd be able to identify your target much more easily. So it doesn't make a difference if you're changing to donor skin or in game skin - it's all skin changing, which effectively changes your identity to an unrealistically large degree in game.

If you change skins, you lose all KoS rights that you had, but others retain their KoS rights on you. If you re-initiate on someone, they're fair game, so Yes, Deserath (to your last question).

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