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[S-SYN] The Shadow Syndicate

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Syndicate - syn·di·cate

An association of people formed to engage in an enterprise or promote a common interest.

A loose affiliation of gangsters in control of organized criminal activities.

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We are the Syndicate.

Our underground network of fighters and informants has been at work for an age, hidden in the shadows always ready to intervene when we deem things have gotten "out of hand".

When the world reaches the pinnacle of its life, we step in to restore balance.

Our name and identity have always been changed in order to maintain our anonymity but we have always been here and we always will.

Each division of the Syndicate is assigned a Patriarch.

Only once someone has achieved such an outstanding reputation and pledged flawless fealty will they be initiated into Patriarchy.


It doesn't matter where we come from, what matters is our plan.

Our brothers are posted all over the world keeping tabs on what happens, just because global annihilation happened, doesn't mean we have forgotten about the worlds illness.

The men who unite themselves under the banner of the Syndicate are from all different backgrounds; Former soldiers, mercenaries, smugglers and common man. What draws us together is our similarity of hating what we define as evil and our desire to bring true justice.

The Syndicate has no official beginning, no records were kept, no hard copies ever existed and anyone who knew about our presence is either dead or still with us.

In 2004, we attacked the Ali al-Khareem military camp in Takistan. The contents of said base was 34 highly volatile experimental napalm bombs. They were destined for Chernarus' major cities and hotspots. Total losses; 45 confirmed dead, 22 confirmed gravely injured, 13 wounded. Chernarus was not ready for its cleansing... Not yet.

Among the dead was Colonel Petrov Petrenko, a former Soviet soldier whom sold Russian state secrets to the US in return for the safety of his family. Petrenko and his knowledge managed to fuel a war by selling arms and knowledge to both sides. He was creating a supply and demand chain to rival most black market dealers while selling the worlds secrets to its enemies. We would've liked to assume with the death of Petrenko that his network would dissipate but the corrupt never rest.

We stayed in Takistan for the next 6 years, listening to radio chatter, decrypting letters and keeping a low profile. As soon as we came close to finding the origins of Petrenko, we would stumble upon another decadent soul that used his corruption to spread evil and hate. Then one day, he appeared.

Petrenko, the man we thought confirmed dead in our attack had made himself known in Chernarus, a small coastal region in South Zagoria. We hunted him for years and then it happened. Bodies came back to life, the dead attacking people like animals.

In late 2006, we learnt about the theft of one of our most precious and dangerous items from the Japan division, Patriarch Kensei had gone AWOL and taken it. He had destroyed 50 years of trust and loyalty for his own gains... for his own self proclaimed sense of righteousness. We appointed a new patriarch for Japan and stated to him, his life depends on the recovery of this Artifact. If he did not recover what was stolen from us, he would die.

In early 2014, they tracked down Kensei... tortured him for weeks and eventually killed him. They searched every orifice of his house, every hole in his work place and every crack in his personal belongings yielding less than desirable results. They were brought against the eldest and most respectable of the Syndicate to present their findings and research. They learnt that what was taken had been given to the son of Kensei and smuggled into Russia.

The investigation had now been handed over to Blackwater. It was now his job to hunt down the new holder of our belongings, bring him to justice and recover what was taken from us. We had been tracking the supposed holder of the artefact across Russia and into Chernarus, we had to be certain that he had hold of our property before we pounced. It would be immoral and against our code to hurt someone that was innocent and pure.

Middle of 2014, we tracked him to the north eastern quadrant of Chernarus in which we observed him sitting on the beach with some woman. Young love was stupid, love gets you killed and it makes you sloppy. Half way through the night, we notice him emerging from their tent and leaving to the north. We sent three of our four over watch to follow him. They followed him into the mountains to a small dense forest which contained one of our hidden Syndicate vaults. Our agents pounced, wounded him, searched him for the key and opened the vault. Inside the vault was multiple safe boxes in which contained items of a volatile nature.

While inside the vault, they made radio contact with the Patriarch asking for instruction what to do. He told them to bring the item back and to leave the boy alive, He could be more useful to us in the future.

Blackwater travelled back to Syndicate headquarters to present his findings to the Conclave, they asked him where the other half was. He was confused and stated that this is only what the boy had on him. The Conclave instructed that there was a second half and that he had to find the rest. His best lead was to go back to Chernarus, find the boy and the three other family members and recover what was stolen.

Upon arrival into the Chernarus, Blackwater made his way back to one of the Syndicate outposts to find the three other family members. He asked them if there was another half. Each and everyone of them exclaimed that the boy only had what they brought back. Blackwater saw the truth in their eyes and the fear in their voice. He stated to each and everyone of them that If found lying, they will be tortured, trailed and sentenced to death.

The world was plunged into a new era of pain, suffering, greed and decadence. That will not stop us bringing Petrenko to justice, recovering our stolen property and cleansing Chernarus of the sick.


Stage one


Stage two


Stage three


Stage four


The world is full of corruption and decadence, Zagoria is no different.

Greed and gluttony spreads across Chernarus like plague and it needs to be contained.

We will give, help and heal but we will also rob, steal, pillage and destroy if the cause is something that we feel unbalances the world. Once Chernarus has been cleansed of the corruption that taints its blood and rebalanced, we will retreat into hiding.







Everyone else




Kensei family and their allies.

Petrenko and his allies


Reuban Blackwater

Alice 'RedHead' Cherovki

Lilith Morth

Wayne Cookie

Mark Greyson

Dougie MacCafferty

Dr. Otto Schmidt


We are aiming to be a very heavy and hardcore roleplaying group. If you cannot guarantee a high standard of roleplay and unable to abide by our rules, you will be removed. No second chances.

IC Rules

• Family is our law. Disrespect of fellow brothers and sisters will not be condoned.

• Unnecessary thievery will not be tolerated. If you are stealing medical supplies, you better be dying. If you are stealing food, you better be starving.

• You will do everything within your power to conceal your identity. Loss of any confidential material that compromises the Syndicate will be met with death.

• Desertion or leaving our family is the highest level of disrespect and will be met with death. You will be hunted. Your friends will be hunted. Your family will be hunted. We will tear this world down brick by brick. There is nowhere you will be safe.

OOC Rules

• You will walk everywhere (Firefight and minor exceptions nulls this rule)

• If you do run, you will only run for a short period.

• After running for a while, you will take a break in the form of either walking or taking a rest.

• You will be In character at all times. Breaking Character will get you removed.

• You will tell someone via PM or forum post if you intend on leaving for a break longer than 7 days.

• Radio discipline will be honoured. Disrespecting these rules will get you removed.

• By joining our clan, you agree that your character will be permadeathed (As stated in the IC rules) I advise you not to join on a character you wish to continue with after leaving us unless you're damn good at running away.

Radio Rules

• If you are in game with someone, talk to them in game.

• If it is something that can be asked In character, then do so.


If you agree with these rules, you will fit in.

Anyone who wishes to join our family will be tested on their abilities, their loyalty and their dedication.

If you are deemed worthy, you will be initiated into our family.

To ensure loyalty, you agree that our patriarch owns your life.

He owns the years of your life and if you betray us, those years will be cut short.

If you stay loyal, our patriarch may be generous enough to give you back control of certain years.

Even to the point where he allows you to take full control of your years once more.

Recruitment is Open!

EU Timezones preferred!

Click below to find more details.

All recruitment will be handled via in character interactions however for us to organise this meeting, I will first need to know some details about you.

I would like you to send me a PM stating the following details;

IRL Age:

Do you agree to all the rules?

> If not, which do you not agree to? (Please be open to this question, I hold no judgement and 95% of the time it will not affect your application.)

What is your timezone?

If you want to include a little paragraph about why you want to join us, why you like us or anything like that, you can however it is not required.

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  • Emerald

Much hype!

The quest for world domination begins!


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  • Diamond

This will be good :) Good luck to everyone involved.



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  • Emerald

It's looking real good. Looks like the Freemasons symbol within the clan logo.

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  • Sapphire


Good luck Toorrik and all involved, sure you'll do well.

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  • MVP

Nice logo. Nice rules. Nice Clan.


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  • MVP

All does rules

Good luck though Toorik, looks like it will VERY fun to meet IG

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  • Emerald

Looks like it will be heavily RP based, good luck. Thread looks good...feels a bit skinny though?

Maybe just me :D

Read the bottom :) It is skinny, I deleted it once, had to re-write once and missed stuff out. Its getting padded soon.

Thanks everyone for your kind words.

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  • Legend

Freaking amazing concept and rule!! Brilliant job! I am looking foward in meeting these guys ig

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Looks like it will be heavily RP based, good luck. Thread looks good...feels a bit skinny though?

Maybe just me :D

Read the bottom :) It is skinny, I deleted it once, had to re-write once and missed stuff out. Its getting padded soon.

Thanks everyone for your kind words.

I missed it...how? I will never know

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  • Sapphire

I was wondering how long it would be until the illuminati showed up :P

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