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Whitelist Story/Character History Tips and Advice

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So you want to play on DayZRP? So you are already whitelisted but you want to make a new character and want him or her to have a background so amazing you leave people weeping in joy after reading it? Well I may not be able to help with the latter, but I thought that perhaps those who are looking to be accepted or to make something a bit more in depth might enjoy some tips for their character backgrounds and the characters themselves.

-----Character History-----

There are some questions that you need to ask yourself about your character after you have the basics (A name, ethnicity, age, looks). This might be a bit lengthy but I do suggest reading this in its entirety:

Where is your character from originally?

This can be easily answered but it might also help add depth to a character that you wouldn't realize. It's easy to say "My character is American" or from whatever country you please, but what does that mean for your character? If you are American, where in the US do you originate? What are the customs, the ideas, the status quo for that specific area? Does your character follow these customs and traditions? If you are from the southern United States, for instance, do you follow the usual rules of southern hospitality, are you from a more rural or urban area?

The area your character is from can affect innumerable things about them. Rural areas may have left your character with a life spent more exploring the woods and hunting, learning how to live off the land and less focused on more academic pursuits. Urban life may have had your character brush against more organized criminal activity for better or worse, and could have left lasting impressions on their thoughts of morality and law.

What is your character's profession?

One of the themes that is quite prevalent in DayZRP is that there are a multitude of people who have military training and were, somehow, deployed in or around Chernarus when the outbreak happened. This is, of course, an acceptable background, but it may not be the best one for your character just because the game is based on a military FPS.

There are a lot of people who play military characters who don't represent themselves in a very military manner when the situation calls for it, and this isn't so much a condemnation of them as much as it is a show of importance for how familiar a player should be with their role in a game where action is high and role-playing can involve a lot of faster-paced improvisation than purely text-based games.

One of the suggestions I personally would like to give, however, is to think about something that may seem mundane. One of the jokes which has been said before is "We've got plenty of doctors, where are the dentists?" as there are an abundance of medical doctors, field medics, and those who have a general medical knowledge, but not specialists who could still very easily survive the apocalypse and add in another layer of playability. Grisly dentistry to fix a broken tooth with only what is on hand after a character is butt stroked by a soldier would be painful and leave a character in a position of weakness, which I'll speak more on later.

The world isn't just made up of soldiers and doctors, remember that survivors come from all walks of life, but that doesn't mean they aren't a cut above the people who lie dead on the ground or want your brains. A unique occupation can bring a lot of positive attention on a character as they will be able to fill a niche others cannot.

Why is your character in Chernarus?

This is one of the big ones, and I wanted to put it near the beginning of the list because a lot of people seem to leave this as an afterthought. One good example that I would like to bring up is Chris, from TOR, whose character came to Chernarus because he was researching the ruins of the various castles in the country for a book he was writing. This doesn't have anything to do with a military background (Which I will get to later) and is believable when one thinks about the landscape of Chernarus and just how many castles there are in a relatively small area.

This is a good place to stop and think about your character's profession, or former profession as discussed above. How might that have drawn them to Chernarus in the first place? Someone who worked on sea travel and mercantile trade routes could easily have found themselves stranded at Cherno or Berezino while getting or offloading supplies at one of the large ports available. Sportsmen could have come to Chernarus for a chance to hunt elusive or rare breeds, or, to take a step away from profession, your character could simply have family in the country that they were there to visit when everything happened.

What does your character want in this new world?

This is a very broad question that I think a lot of people need to ask themselves on a regular basis as role-play adjusts their characters thoughts and views. What does your character want in life, now that the world has been torn asunder? What is there that your character yearns for? Material wealth is all but moot now, and gear can break down and become useless, not to mention the mercurial state of ownership that things have with banditry.

Does your character want to find a cure? Some pie-in-the-sky dream that may be unattainable, but drive them nonetheless to try to return the world to normalcy? Do they just want something simple, to find a place that they can make defensible and live out the rest of their days in solitude? Maybe they were separated from family members and all they can think about is being reunited again?

Characters need something to drive them, and a very easy way to create this is to ask what they want. This might not even be your ultimate goal for them, but from their perspective they will have something that keeps them going, that forces them to wake up in the morning and to fight for this one thing.

-----Character Building Tips-----

Avoiding stereotypical and overused character concepts

As I pointed out earlier there are a lot of military personnel who exist in DayZRP, and this makes sense in a very general manner. With the proper training and armaments they stand a very good chance at survival, and yet there are still areas like the airfields where there are scores of dead military personnel. If you want to make a soldier of some sort you are free to do so, but I would stress that you try to make the character fitting for the position, research the military you represent and see what you can find about how they act in certain circumstances.

Aside from that, I'd like to also point out that the stoic, all around badass may seem like an interesting angle to play, but there are probably ten others online at any time the server is populated, and not everyone is a Terminator level of masculinity and power. Characters who are susceptible, weak, cowardly, or self-serving and willing to abandon so-called friends and allies for the promise of safety can make very interesting, if not very well-liked, choices.

This also brings me to one of the biggest things I'd like to discuss!

Character flaws

I love flaws in characters because there are a myriad of choices and a lot of them can really add unique twists to otherwise bland overviews of a character. Now I'd like to preface this by saying that a "flaw" is not the same as a mental illness, and gibbering to yourself or having multiple personalities (DID) should be done sparingly and only if you are willing to do research and try to play the character in a realistic manner so you don't come off as being offensive or callous.

Now, flaws come in all shapes and sizes, and can be as simple as physical issues that prevent your character from being a be-all-end-all Hercules to the ineptitude with certain (Perhaps vital) skills that need to be worked on diligently to promote role-play and growth.

There are many people who refuse to repair vehicles or give blood transfusions because they don't have the skills necessary to do so. This is an example of a lesser flaw which can be negated with enough time and effort. You can eventually learn how to repair parts of a vehicle, administer medical aid, and even fire weapons accurately if you have a proper mentor.

A more serious form of a flaw is something that cannot be "trained away" or removed from your character, and I do not suggest people try to make a character who has these unless you are willing to focus more on the RP side of DayZRP and not worry quite so much about PvP as these can be things that may force you to act in a way you might not in a stressful firefight.

Characters who have permanently injured limbs may not be able to jog or run for very long distances (Or at all). Characters with nerve damage in their hands and arms may also not be able to accurately aim weapons. These are flaws that have a much more in depth story of their own, as there needs to be an explanation for how this has happened to your character and why it was never remedied (If it could be) before the apocalypse. Mental illnesses fall under this category as well, and there are some which can be extremely interesting to play out if done so correctly, but again I discourage people from attempting them unless they know what they're doing and do the proper research.

Character Skills/Learning

So your character is a nobody, a fairly good student who somehow managed to end up in the apocalypse with no formal military training faced with armies of the undead and no real survival skills to speak of. What do you do? You learn. This can go hand in hand with lesser flaws but it is also something that all characters should be doing.

Does your character have a specialty? Was he or she perhaps a mechanic before everything happened, meaning they can repair a vehicle and make it purr like new? That's a very good opportunity to become a teacher for others. There are plenty of wrecks to use as examples and teaching material. Perhaps they were a survivalist, the kind of person who challenged themselves with a weekend in the wilderness with only a bedroll and a canteen? People with survival skills and who are adept at wilderness tracking and travel are invaluable and can make great mentors to individuals or to larger groups by allowing them to learn even basic ideas involving their chosen field.

Being ignorant of a subject also gives plenty of opportunity, and one thing I'd like to point out even to veteran players is that just because you can throw a hunk of cow on a fire doesn't mean you're going to be making it taste good. People who have culinary skills may not be able to help teach you how to better shoot someone in the head from a kilometer away, but at the end of the day they can give you the kind of food that makes you think of the world the way it used to be, and small escapes like that can make for amazing RP.

-----The End For Now-----

I'd like to thank the people who read through here and ask the people who feel themselves as more experience to help in this list. Do you have something you'd like to add? Did I miss something or gloss over something that may help add depth and, well, character to characters? PM me or reply to this post and I will see about keeping it as updated as possible.

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Fantastic guide.

I actually used this to go over and revise some of my characters.

Top quality work Mace! <3

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Very nice! I'll make sure to use this when I make a new character.

Good job!

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Guest Rhinjavar

This was a wonderful read and I very much agree with the points therein! Thank you for taking the time to write this out! :)

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Thanks Mace! This will definitely help me when I'm created a new character. I'm not that good at making them, so this is great help! Thanks

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Siorre, Born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Best RP character ever :troll:

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Sgt Badass McBadass ,50000 confirmed sniper kills ,came to chernarus in a helicopter that crashed and is the only survivor :P

^^^^Ultimate RP story right here ignore everything mace has written


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