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Donation Skins and Editor

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Is there a way to activate a donation skin to be used in the ARMA 2 Editor?

And if so how?

Was just curious to know if it can be done.

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Launch Dayzrp normally without joining a server > Ctrl S will take you to the invisible single player menu > Editor > ??? > Success

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Guest Fuzzy

I know some of the skins:

1. SVR skin (red beret) = Spetsnaz Officer

2. Spetsnaz soldier with helmet = MVD soldier


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What you're going to have to do is:

1) Go to the "Donation Exchange" and activate the skin that you are wanting to use in the editor.

2) Open up "DayZRP" but do not join a server as you're wanting to be going into the map editor part of ARMA II.

3) When on the Player Menu, ensure that in the top right it says "DayZRP" as an extension and then press "ALT+E" to go to the editor.

Should come up with a window like this


4) Choose "Chernarus" as that's the only map which DayZRP operates on at the moment and click "Continue"

Hope this helped for your question.

(I know this is a late reply, just trying to help on the Un-Solved questions)

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Marking this as solved. PM me if it does not work and I'll reopen.

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