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The One Who Sparked The Fire

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Joseph fumbled in his pack for the keys as he plodded towards his rusty old GAZ, he opened the door which was riddled with bullet holes and patches of burnt areas , got in, and started to drive down the dirt road connecting his camp to the main road.

Somewhere around Polana he had stopped his daily supply run and was sat there in the middle of the road with the engine running, he flicked it off. He had stopped because he saw something, someone, stumbling out of some shrubbery and had fallen to his knees. Joseph slowly got out of the car and shouted "Hello?!". No response. He cautiously approached the man who wore a black jacket and combat pants,he was unshaven with a beard covering his chin. The oblivious man stared across the road into nothing, Joseph approached and repeated himself again "hello?" still no response...

The stranger completely ignored him, Joseph checked the man, his skin pale and his lips cracked, he checked his eyes by pulling up his eyelids. His pupils were completely diluted and grey. He clutched a ragged black beret close to his chest. Joseph pulled out a small revolver emptied 5 bullets and left it on the ground in front of him, and walked away...

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