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Guest sazza34

Hey there, I just wanted to introduce myself, as I just submitted a whitelist application!

A bit about me, my name is Sam, i'm 17 and I am from Essex, England.

Name: Sam Sladislov

Bio: Sam Sladislov was born into a poor family. He didn't have much money growing up and was bullied at school because of what he wore and the way he looked. At the age of 10 he was forced to Pick pocket strangers and steal from market stalls to survive.

When he was 12 his Mum sadly passed away due to cancer. His Dad then ran away soon after his Mother died. Sam was abandoned and left to fend for himself. Every day seemed like forever for Sam, all he would do, is try to survive on what little he had. It was a sad life for him, only being 13 and the worst of is that Sam did not see any end to it all.

One normal day, Sam was begging for money and he was only 16 at the time. This day it all changed. A tall man in a black suit came up to him and said "You don't have to keep living like this". At this point the mysterious Man handed him £1000 to get Sam's life back on track. The man walked away, never to be seen again.

Sam instantly went and bought some food, then he found a cheap room for rent in Electro for only fifty pounds a week. After getting cleaned up and sorting himself out, he started sending job applications out to pubs, shops and clubs. One day, Sam was in his room with his lunch then the mail came. He ran downstairs. He had been accepted for a job in a local pub.

By the time Sam was eighteen, he had been working in the Pub for one and a half years. It was a normal night in the pub, it was quet, and the only people in the pub, were the local citizens and some holiday makers. He was serving drinks, when all of a sudden, screams came from the street. Sam ran out and the first thing he saw, was a man being eaten by another man. He ran over and kicked the man off the other man, but that's when he noticed that the man was not a man, it was a zombie. Sam ran back inside and hid in the bathroom, scared, for 5 hours.

Sam slowly opened the door after all the screams and crying were over. He went out the back door of the pub and slowly crept into the forest, never to be seen again until now...

Wish me luck :)

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Much Wow Much Hi Much Ban

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Welcome Sam! Good luck with the app!

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